26 March 2009

Veggie Patch Snaps

Another quick post today just to share a few snaps of my Veggie!

This is:

the basil that it has germinated this week!
I actully keep the basil still indoors as here there is still risk of frosty mornings and I really don't want hm to die. So is in a tray by the sunny south facing window, with a thin cellophane blanket to top to keep it warm! No wonder it looks so happy...!

And this is the spinach, that I keep under a tunnel in the veggie patch with

the lettuce!

And while I was there, something incredible happen. A Buzzard showed up.
I never seen one before in my life, and It was a very cool experience!

It was flying about 50 meters high, right on top of me, and It was calling with his distinctive sound that you can actully here in the RSPB web site.

Ok, now I'm determined to leave the computer alone and going to sleepy sleeps.



  1. Queste foto sono una più bella dell'altra!!
    Grazie di essere passata a trovarmi!
    ti abbraccio

    a presto


  2. I love the buzzards! We have a couple of them here where I live and sometimes I can hear them calling in the morning. Absolutly glorius creatures.

    Looks like you will have lots of salads this spring! Good luck with your all your gardening and your art! I love you blog, shall be back again tomorrow to see more!



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