24 March 2009

Do it Yourself Tutorial - Favicon Icon

Have you ever wondered how do you REPLACE THE BLOGGER FAVICON ICON?

Well, this is a Do it yourself tutorial that will teach you how to do exactly that! And make your blog looking personal, professional and cool!

PLease note, this tutorial is for the Mozilla Firefox browser only. If you know how to do it for Interent Exporer and Opera as well, please share your knowledge with all of us on the comments box below. Once you've changed the icon, leave your link on the comment box so we can see your new icon!

Here is how to do it,
1) Design your image, (it should be square)

2) Re-size it as 16x16 pixel

3) Save it as png or ico, and name it "favicon"

4) Upload your new flavicon icon on the net photobucket, pages.google.com, or on your web site space with modzilla.

5) Copy the link

6) Log in your Blogger Account, Go to Layout > Edit HTML

7) IMPORTANT! Save a copy of your template before you do anything else.

8) Find this line:

9) Insert the following code below it:

Replace "URL of your favicon" with the link you have copied at step 5.

10) Save the template, clear the Cache and Cookies of the web Browser and Refresh the page.

All done. I hope you are happy about the result! Drop me a line with your blogger address, I'd love to have a look!

I hope you enjoyed it.

x Giulia x

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