12 March 2009

Do It Yoursef Tutorial: Cocunut Delights

Hello my Dears!
I spent this evening making some wonderful Coconut Delights to sell at the Comic Relief Tea Party tomorrow morning and foundraise some money for Charity. It's such a tasty recipe and so much rewarding. Perfect for dinners and parties!

Cuconut Delights Recipe

All you need:
- packet of rich tea biscuits (about 30 biscuits)
-100 gr of dehydrated coconut
-3 fresh organic eggs
-100 gr of sugar

♥ How to make them:

a) Put the biscuits in a bag and squash them using a rolling pin.
2) Separate the yolk of the eggs and mix it with the sugar.
3) Add the 80 gr of coconut and the biscuits crums gradually to the yolk and the eggs.
4) Whip up the egg whites until it becomes quite solid.
5) Mix gently the egg whites with the rest of the ingredients.
6) Make little balls with the mixture and dredge them with 20gr of coconut.
7) Leave to rest in the fridge to cool overnight. Serve them chilled. Enjoy!

I hope you will try this out. It's really delicious!
If you do them, feel free to send me some pictures, I will publish them in the blog!


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