08 March 2009

Pink Diary

8 Marzo: Festa della Donna
8th March, Woman's Day

Today in Italy we celebrate the all the Women of th world!
Mother, Daugher, Grandma's, Happy Woman's day ladies!

This new artwork is inspired and dedicated to all the Women out there!
It's a hand-painted pink diary.

The front features an hand-painted bottle filled with sparckly Fairy Dust!

Cute uh?!

The pages inside are salmon pink, made with 100% Recycled Paper.

And the page bookmark is made with a white wollen plat.

The diary is finished with a water based, non toxic varnish that will preserve the diary from any scratches.

You can find this beauty in the shop!


  1. Beautiful!
    This would be perfect for my mama at Mothers Day! I'm going to have a closer look in you shop ;)

  2. Oh... it's sold out :(
    Could you make another one for me?


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