16 March 2009

Do It Yourself Tutorial: Moss Terranium

Hello my dears! Hope you are all well, thank you for following!
Days are so sunny and beautiful at the moment in England and I'm spending lots of time in the Garden.

Today I made the Moss Terranium that I wanted so bad!
It' a lovely, spring project, and I'd love to sharing it with you!
So here for you, my turorial!

by The Card Tree

1) Find a sealable jar

(I found this one at the Charity shop for only £1.50!)

2) Put some small pebbles in the jar

3) Put some soil in the jar

4) Find some small plants of moss

You need a very small amount, about 5 cm square.
Please respect the environment when you take the moss. The remaining moss should be carefully patted down after you have taken what you need.

Put the moss it in the jar and adjust it with the rest of the soil.

Water the moss with a few drops of water, and seal the jar again.
Leaving some empty space in the jar you will allow the moss to slowly grow and create a wonderful green wonderland!

If you like you can add decorative items such as mini clay sculptures, shells, or a little Card Tree Mini bottle!

I hope you will try this out!
Let me know what you think!



  1. Lovely project... Thanks for sharing

  2. Lovely project...Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Awesome! I have a "thing" for moss. :) If spring ever gets here, I've got to try this. (I actually posted some moss photos on flickr a few days ago from last spring - http://www.flickr.com/photos/erinbowe/ :)

  4. Very nice indeed!!!
    I didn't realize it was so simple to make.
    I think I'll make one with my daughter, she would love this project!


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