06 March 2009

The Card Tree Green Column - Issue 4 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my dears!
Yes it's Friday and it's time for our Green Column!

Household Products, Part I

Today I want to go through some of the most common Household products that we have in our homes, share with you what I've found out about these chemicals, and what can we do to avoid using them offering solutions and alternatives.
This topic is so interesting and vast that I will divide it in tree parts, and publish more about household products in the weeks to come.

Sometimes when you are cleaning your home you are often doing the opposit to the envirnment and to your heath. Studies are confirming the rise of certain diseases connected to the great amount of chemicals in our envirnment and in our homes. Cancers are increased by 77% between 1981-1991. More then 400 toxic chemicals have been discoverend in human blood so far. So...There is nothing clean about chemicals.

1) Learn about Chemicals:
Learning about the chemicals in your home s the first step.
Simply read carefully the labels of the products that you have around your home.
Then, type in the name of the chemicals on Google you will find tons of information.

There are many interesting articles on the net about the impact of the chemicals to our health. This is one that really striked me.

2) Washing your Laudry.

Washing powders and detergents contain phoshates that when discharged into the water supply stimulate excessive algal growth. These algs starve the water of oxygen killing the marine flora and fauna of rivers and the sea.

They also disrupt the sewage treatment process, so for every liter of washing powder you use, 20,000 liters of water are required to treat it until can re-enter the water system safely.
Avoid using detergents based products to wash you clothes, alternative do exist.
You can...

a) Make your own Laudry Products!

-Washing Powder Recipe: 1 Cup of grated soap, 1 cup of washing soda, 2 tsp of lavander oil
-Stain Tip: To remove oil stains from your clothes simply rub white chalk into the stain before laudering. You can find out more visiting Mrs Clean Website.

b) Buy Eco Friendly Products

There are so many Green Products available in the shops.
I suggest you try some and see what works best for you. This is what I use:

I use the Eco-balls and I also add a little bit of Ecover laudry liquid and Ecover fabric conditioner, just to give it a nice clean fragance. You only need a small amount of liquid to do the job, so while you saving the environment you are actually saving money as well!

It's very economic to purchase the laudry liquid in bigger tanks (Ecover does a 5 liter tank and 25 liter tank ), and refill you laundry bottle when ever you need to. You can buy these bigger tanks online or in the health shops. Ecover has also recently launched a Refill System Campain! Check it out. You can find out more about other Eco Friendly Ecover products on their web site.

3) Cleaning your drains.

Avoid using commercial drain cleanes for your home. They contain corrosive and toxic products like sodium or potassium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid, petroleum distillates that kill acquatic life and make water more expensive to treat. Chemicals like this one can also corrode water pipesand kill sewage-eating bacteria.
You can...

Block the overflowing of the sink using a cloth or a sponge, then use the plunger, then clean your drains with a solution made of:

-Boiling water
-Baking soda

4) Home Fragrance
Fragrance in a room creates a nice relaxing atmosphere. Unfortunatly, synthetic fragrances are becoming more and more popular damaging our health and our environment:
synthetic fragrances are potential hormone disrupter that have been found in fish, mussels, human body fat and breast milk - not good.

Instead you can...

-Open the windows more often to change the air in the room
-Use essential oils burners/diffusers
-Burn a citronella candle
-Boil some cinnamon
-Use pout pourrie
-Bake some cookies!

I hope this was interesting for you.
There is more coming soon... next week!

Take Care,


Important: Please note that Giulia Mauri's Green Column Weeekly Articles are totally indipendend. I'm not payed by any of the above listed companies to advertise their products. In my articles I simply share my positive experices with these Eco Friendly Products in order to promote alternatives to standard chemical products.

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  1. This is a wonderful post! I just recently discovered that I can wash my clothes with Soda crystals & white vinegar (for the softener)!! It's saving me a fortune & best of all...no nasty chemicals to make us itch!


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