27 March 2009

The Green Column - Issue 6 - by Giulia Mauri

Green Beauty Tips
part I

Hi Everyone
, thank you so much for visiting!
Today I'm going to write a short Green Column about some green beauty tips.

Fist of all, did you know that you can absorb up to 2kg of chemicals from toiletries and cosmetics each year?!
When I heard about this figure it really shocked me! So I decided to change the types of products that I was using.

How can we feel wonderful without nasty chemicals?

Here just a few tips!
Please if you know more, feel free to share them with us adding them
in the comment box under this post!

1. Soap
Commercial soaps are ofen filled with artificial scents and plastic wrapping (such as the liquid soap contains).

You can...

find lots of type of organic soaps in the health store and on the internet, but best of all, I would try to purchase it from indipended shops like Etsy and DaWanda!

2. Fragrances

Use natural fragrances! A commercial perfume could contain a mixuture with up to 600
synthetic chemicals. Over 95% of these chemicals are made from petroleum and many are hazardous.
Never use a artificial Musk fragrances. These contain the so called Nitro-musks that are bioaccumulative and build up in the body fat, blood and breast milk and damage our environment. The side effects of this chemicals, Musk Ketone (used in soaps and detergents) and the Musk xylene (used in cosmetics), contained in these fragances can be headaches, dizziness, rashes and respiratory problems. To find out more, please read this article.

You can...

Try a drop of lavander, jasmine or rose oil, or one of these organic perfume. If you really don't want to give up your Chanel fragrance (which I can understand), then put it on your shirt instead of directly on your skin.

- - -

Animal Tested Beauty Products

Please do not buy products that have been tested on animals.
Read the labels carfully when you buying a product. When it says Not tested on animals it means that the finished product wasn't tested on animals but that the individual ingradients have been tested.

Look out for the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) logo:

To make things a little easier, have a look at the
Companies that do test on animals list &
Companies that don't test on animals.

These pages were written by PETA
, People for the Ethical Treatment of animals, and they are updated every two of three months.

See you next friday with another Green Column and more eco tips!


Important: Please note that Giulia Mauri's Green Column Weeekly Articles are totally indipendend. I'm not payed by any of the above listed companies to advertise their products. In my articles I simply share my positive experices with these Eco Friendly Products in order to promote alternatives to standard chemical products.

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