30 March 2009

Eco Friendly Easter Cards

Hello my Dears!
I hope you are all well and had a nice week end!
Thank you so much for all your kind comments about my lastest artworks.
I really appreciate them!

Now the Easter Cards are in the shop!

Do you like them?

I adore them!
Infact, I already printed some to send to my family & friends!

Much love,


29 March 2009

Making Cards

Hi ya!

I spend this afternoon printing an making lots of Easter Cards that will be in the shop tomorrow!

I used some beautiful recycled paper, embedded with silver sparks that makes it so sparkly and precious

Here we go!

Visit my shop tomorrow morning to heart them!

Easter Illustration!

Hello my Dears! Happy Sunday!
I have a new spring illustration to share with you today!

These are some cute details:

In will be in the shop by tomorrow!


28 March 2009

Easter is coming!

Hello my dears!
I'm having lots of fun designing the cutes easter cards!

This is a detail from this illustration:

So nice!
I'm going to print a series these illustrations as Easter Cards that you will find the shop by Monday. You will also be able to see prints of these illustration in my online gallery. I shall post the link as soon as it's ready!

Happy Weekend,

27 March 2009

The Green Column - Issue 6 - by Giulia Mauri

Green Beauty Tips
part I

Hi Everyone
, thank you so much for visiting!
Today I'm going to write a short Green Column about some green beauty tips.

Fist of all, did you know that you can absorb up to 2kg of chemicals from toiletries and cosmetics each year?!
When I heard about this figure it really shocked me! So I decided to change the types of products that I was using.

How can we feel wonderful without nasty chemicals?

Here just a few tips!
Please if you know more, feel free to share them with us adding them
in the comment box under this post!

1. Soap
Commercial soaps are ofen filled with artificial scents and plastic wrapping (such as the liquid soap contains).

You can...

find lots of type of organic soaps in the health store and on the internet, but best of all, I would try to purchase it from indipended shops like Etsy and DaWanda!

2. Fragrances

Use natural fragrances! A commercial perfume could contain a mixuture with up to 600
synthetic chemicals. Over 95% of these chemicals are made from petroleum and many are hazardous.
Never use a artificial Musk fragrances. These contain the so called Nitro-musks that are bioaccumulative and build up in the body fat, blood and breast milk and damage our environment. The side effects of this chemicals, Musk Ketone (used in soaps and detergents) and the Musk xylene (used in cosmetics), contained in these fragances can be headaches, dizziness, rashes and respiratory problems. To find out more, please read this article.

You can...

Try a drop of lavander, jasmine or rose oil, or one of these organic perfume. If you really don't want to give up your Chanel fragrance (which I can understand), then put it on your shirt instead of directly on your skin.

- - -

Animal Tested Beauty Products

Please do not buy products that have been tested on animals.
Read the labels carfully when you buying a product. When it says Not tested on animals it means that the finished product wasn't tested on animals but that the individual ingradients have been tested.

Look out for the Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS) logo:

To make things a little easier, have a look at the
Companies that do test on animals list &
Companies that don't test on animals.

These pages were written by PETA
, People for the Ethical Treatment of animals, and they are updated every two of three months.

See you next friday with another Green Column and more eco tips!


Important: Please note that Giulia Mauri's Green Column Weeekly Articles are totally indipendend. I'm not payed by any of the above listed companies to advertise their products. In my articles I simply share my positive experices with these Eco Friendly Products in order to promote alternatives to standard chemical products.

26 March 2009

Little Paintings Series

Hello my Dears!
From today I'm starting a series of very small watercolors paintings.
Some of these original cuties will be on sale in the shop within the next two or three weeks.

This is my first work for this Small Painting Series Project

Giulia's Desk

See you tommorow with more artworks & the weekly Green Column



Veggie Patch Snaps

Another quick post today just to share a few snaps of my Veggie!

This is:

the basil that it has germinated this week!
I actully keep the basil still indoors as here there is still risk of frosty mornings and I really don't want hm to die. So is in a tray by the sunny south facing window, with a thin cellophane blanket to top to keep it warm! No wonder it looks so happy...!

And this is the spinach, that I keep under a tunnel in the veggie patch with

the lettuce!

And while I was there, something incredible happen. A Buzzard showed up.
I never seen one before in my life, and It was a very cool experience!

It was flying about 50 meters high, right on top of me, and It was calling with his distinctive sound that you can actully here in the RSPB web site.

Ok, now I'm determined to leave the computer alone and going to sleepy sleeps.


25 March 2009

Wedding Gifts

Hello my Dears!

Today I'd like to share this new Custom Wedding Gift that I'm now offering in the shop!

I's a cute 5cm tall glass bottle with a little handwritten custom letter written with black and silver ink!

The Gift Wrap is made with high quality recycled paper card, embedded with silver specks!

It looks so sweet!
It will be in the shop by this afternoon!

24 March 2009

Do it Yourself Tutorial - Favicon Icon

Have you ever wondered how do you REPLACE THE BLOGGER FAVICON ICON?

Well, this is a Do it yourself tutorial that will teach you how to do exactly that! And make your blog looking personal, professional and cool!

PLease note, this tutorial is for the Mozilla Firefox browser only. If you know how to do it for Interent Exporer and Opera as well, please share your knowledge with all of us on the comments box below. Once you've changed the icon, leave your link on the comment box so we can see your new icon!

Here is how to do it,
1) Design your image, (it should be square)

2) Re-size it as 16x16 pixel

3) Save it as png or ico, and name it "favicon"

4) Upload your new flavicon icon on the net photobucket, pages.google.com, or on your web site space with modzilla.

5) Copy the link

6) Log in your Blogger Account, Go to Layout > Edit HTML

7) IMPORTANT! Save a copy of your template before you do anything else.

8) Find this line:

9) Insert the following code below it:

Replace "URL of your favicon" with the link you have copied at step 5.

10) Save the template, clear the Cache and Cookies of the web Browser and Refresh the page.

All done. I hope you are happy about the result! Drop me a line with your blogger address, I'd love to have a look!

I hope you enjoyed it.

x Giulia x

20 March 2009

The Green Column - Issue 5 - by Giulia Mauri


"A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings"
Hippocrates, (460 Bc - 377 Bc)

Hello my dears,
Today in this Issue of the Green Column we we talk about Green Hygiene.
Every day while watching television, reading magazines, or standing at the bus stop an agressive marketing advertings shouts at us promoting a supposedly cleaner lifestyle using hundreds of chemical products. But how can we be healthy if our environment isn't?

As you will discover, some of Hygine Best Sellers products sold on the market do create an illusion of purity, as they contain chemicals that can damage our environment we live in, and our bodies, causing side effects or really serius illness.
Please note that this article is the result of my personal reserch on the network, books and scientific magazines. To find out more information please document yourself with futher readings. If you would like to share your opition please leave your thoughts on the comment box at the bottom of the article.

Avoid using conventional deodorants containg aluminium. Aluminium can be really harmful to your health; when absorbed through the skin is passed on to the liver, kidneys, brain, catilage, bone marrow, increasing the risk of blood poisoning. Aluminium could also increase the risk of breasat cancer in women.
So you can...

a) Buy some Healthy and Eco Friendly Deodorants at the health store.
One of them is the Crystal Deodorant made with mineral salts which actually inhibit the growth of odour forming bacteria on your body. If you use it, bare in mind that it's best not to use right after you shave as it can hurt a little bit. Best to put it on in the evening before you go to sleep and it will last all day after. If you like, a good idea is also to alternate it with another natural deodorant from the health store.

b) Make you own! I haven't tryed it yet but looks like fun! This is a really clever article about this deodorant and there is a recipe to make your own.

Choose a natural toothpaste without Sodium Laurate Solphate, (that can irritate the skin, causing ulcers) and Triclosan (synthetic antibacterial agent that has been linked to cancer, decrease fertility and the immune suppression).

a) My favorite healthy toothpaste are Tom of Maine and Kingfisher. I find them a bit expensive, but when I buy them I remind myself that I only really need a small amount on toothpaste my toothbrush. The real way to keep out teeth clean is to bush them often, the right way, and to use the dental floss regulary.

b) You can also try to make your own! Give it a try with this recipe!

Claims to make your teeth, tongue and gums feel fresh and clean.
But what is the price to pay?
a)Read this interesting
article on the Ecologist by Pat Thomas.

There is also another interesting article on the Daily Telegraph about the Listerine Mouthwash, it has been recently discovered that this famous product can actually cause cancer. Please read it, and share the article it with your friends.

b)So if you really can't live without mouthwash, why not buy a natural one or make your own!


One thing I do not understand is paper tissues that claim to be soft, nice fragranced, big and thick just as a real handkerchief! Why not just use a real one, saving my money and lots of precious trees?!
The history of the real Handkechief goes back thousands of years. What I like the most about Handkerchief is the rule they had between couples. If you saw Sense and Sensibility you know what I mean...

a) There are some beautiful linen and cotton handmade henkerchief sold on Etsy and other online handmade marketplace for just a few dollars.

You can wash handkerchief over and over them using natural laudry products and you can make them smelling nice using some Lavander and Tea Tree Essential Oils that will help you to heal your cold while you use them.

b) If you buy a plain one you can embroide it with your initals or your favorite flower or animal! Be creative! You can find some cute ideas of patterns on this web site.

c) If you want to make you own, why not follow this amazing tutorial by Grosgrainfabulous!

d) If I still haven't persuaded you to switch to real Hankerchiefs, then, next time you buy some tissues, please make sure they are made with recycled paper or Fsc paper (theay are available in Boots and Coop). This small action wil really make a difference.

5)Mooncup: this is an innovative alternative to sanitary tampons and sanitary towels.
A woman can use up to 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, increasing the exposure to dioxine, bleach, that are both linked to cancer and system depression.
Using a Mooncup will save you money as well as the environment and your health. You can find it online or in many other shops, such as Boots.

Hope you found this issue interesting!
I will write write more articles about Green Hygen in the future.



Important: Please note that Giulia Mauri's Green Column Weeekly Articles are totally indipendend. I'm not payed by any of the above listed companies to advertise their products. In my articles I simply share my positive experices with these Eco Friendly Products in order to promote alternatives to standard chemical products.

Credits: Handkerchief picture by Grosgrainfabulous

18 March 2009

Message in the Bottle Framed Painting

Hello my Dears,

Thank you so much for all your comments about the Moss Terranium Tutorial, they really make me hap - hap - happy!

And I should be even more happy today because my brother Flavio is coming to visit me for a week! Yay!

I also completed the painting metioned yesterday:

It's a little Message in a Bottle, with a cute gift tag that says "for you" attached to it.

Is framed into a cute white box frame made with Fsc Certified Wood (wood from well-managed forests)

And ready to find a new home! It's already in the shop! Go and see!

I'm designing lots of cute cards for the Spring!
Some of them will be in the shop on Wednesday!


17 March 2009

Glass Ball

Hello my dears!
I would like to share this tiny painting I made today.
It's a small glass ball with a one of my "Message in the Bottle"!

Isn't it cute?

I have another of these little paintings on it's way.
It's a framed one and it will be in the shop tomorrow!


16 March 2009

Do It Yourself Tutorial: Moss Terranium

Hello my dears! Hope you are all well, thank you for following!
Days are so sunny and beautiful at the moment in England and I'm spending lots of time in the Garden.

Today I made the Moss Terranium that I wanted so bad!
It' a lovely, spring project, and I'd love to sharing it with you!
So here for you, my turorial!

by The Card Tree

1) Find a sealable jar

(I found this one at the Charity shop for only £1.50!)

2) Put some small pebbles in the jar

3) Put some soil in the jar

4) Find some small plants of moss

You need a very small amount, about 5 cm square.
Please respect the environment when you take the moss. The remaining moss should be carefully patted down after you have taken what you need.

Put the moss it in the jar and adjust it with the rest of the soil.

Water the moss with a few drops of water, and seal the jar again.
Leaving some empty space in the jar you will allow the moss to slowly grow and create a wonderful green wonderland!

If you like you can add decorative items such as mini clay sculptures, shells, or a little Card Tree Mini bottle!

I hope you will try this out!
Let me know what you think!


13 March 2009

Cakes & Laughs for Comic Relief

Here some snaps of the Tea Party cakes we had this morning at Juniper Hall
to raise founds for Comic Relief!

Happy Red Nose Day!