04 February 2009

New Card Tree Letter Set!

Hello my dears!

Today I have a new creation to share with you!
It's The Card Tree letter set.

Is made with 100% recylced paper, white and smooth, easy to write on even with a quill.

It features my Card Tree watercolor. I think it will be perfect for the spring season! Such lively bright colors and so romantic with all those love letters on it!

This set comes nicely wrapped up with biodegradable sleeve and card header, perfect even for a sweet give away, and you can find it already in the shop!

I'm going to make some matching Card Tree notecards & stickers for a complete Stationary Set in style. I'm still looking for the perfect eco friendly sticky paper for the stickers: it's very hard to find. If you see any give me a shout!

I shall let you know here on the blog as soon as the Stationary Set is ready!

Lots of x


  1. Very cute stationary, Giulia! I love your Card Tree design!

  2. It's gorgeous!
    Katie x


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