17 February 2009

Message in a Bottle Collection

Hello my dears!

I'm so excited about my New Message in the Bottle collection that I have in store now!
There is so much to choose from and all the items are just so cute!

There are the well-being affirmations pendants...

That you can open and read when ever you feel you need a little boost...

The Custom Made Message in the Bottle Pendant:

This is the lastest Message in the Bottle I made:

It's a 5.8cm tall and 2.5 cm ∅ diameter bottle, and It can fit a long message of 4 cm tall and 20 cm wide!!! Almost like a letter! The message inside can be printed a font of your choice!

And I have to tell you... there will be more coming soon.
I'm so delighted that these cute little things are becoming the best seller in my shop!

Please contact me for custom orders, I can do these sweet things also for wedding favours, tolkens, table place name holder and more!


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