06 February 2009

The Green Column - Issue 1 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my dears!


I decided to set up a weekly column about Green Living.
This topic it's so exciting and vibrant, and I love it to bits.

My Green Column will be published on this blog every Friday.
I welcome all your thoughts and e-mails on the matter, so stay tuned and get involved!

This week topic is:

Internet, Web Sites & Computers

1) Internet:
Next time your Internet contracts ends, why not consider switching to and Eco Friendly Company? Green ISP is one of them. This company offers Broadband and ADSL and
is a non for profit organisation, has solar powered offices, lower your carbon footprints planting trees and it's a Carbon Neutral company.

2) Web Sites:
These days every company has a web site. It's the most effective tool for marketing and selling. But, is it green? Unfortunatly not. But there is a green solution for everything: C02Stats is a company that makes your web sites green, calculating your website's total energy consumption and making it more energy efficient, then purchasing renewable energy to neutralize its carbon footprints. You get a logo placed in your sites so your clients know that you care about the environment and you are making a difference.

3)Computers & phones:
They are all around us, we are upgrading and replacing them all the time. It takes a lot of natural resources to make a computer: about 7 liters of crude oil are used to make the plastic inside just one system. Each year over 100 millions pc are sold and one million end up in landfill.Bold
So what can you do?

You can sell your old computer on E-bay, or donate it, for example to Computer Aid.
And if you are looking for a new computer, Eco Friendly computers are beeing developed as speak! This New Genaration of computers will be made with recycled/natural materials, will use less energy and... cost a a lot of money!
But hopefully in the future they will be more affordable for everyone. This is one of them:

You can see more of them in the Dell's web site.

4)Mobile Phones:
To donate or recycle your old mobible phone visit ReCellular.com and Oxfam International.

Hope this first issue gave you somo good ideas to about Green Living.

More to come, next Friday!

Take Care now,




  1. This is a wonderful article, full of information that I had no idea about, so thank you very much :)
    We recycle everything, and I am lucky to live in a community which is very green, we are now only allowed one bag of garbage per household per week, the rest should be recycled in special containers. I love it!

  2. I love the idea of donating your computer and cell phones! There are plenty of womens shelters that need cell phones for safety purposes!


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