13 February 2009

Green Column - Issue 2 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my dears!
Today it's Friday... and you all know what it means!
This is the second Green Column Issue. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Today we talk about Looove! (Quoting a very unknown but cool movie - Dumped)
Tomorrow is Valentines day. Here a few tips & green recipes to make your day special, personal and green!

  1. Candlelit Romance: Turn off the lights and turn on candles. Candles are romantic and will save energy. If you are going to buy some, the best choice for is to go for the natural beeswax candles or vegetable-based candles that biodegrade and are smoke free.

They are a little bit more expensive than ordinary candles, but they last longer, burn brighter, and won't hurt your health or the envirvment: normal paraffin candles are infact made from petroleum residues, not the type of thing you would like your kids to play with...
You can find beeswax candles at Bear Creek and vegetable soy candles at Green House Soy Company. I hope you will find what you are looking for.

2. Flowers: this year choose not to buy flowers but buy a plant! Plant blooms will last all season and grow just like your love!

Flowers at the florist windows are gorgeous, but not very green. They have been cultivated in mass plantations on the other side of the planet, doused in pesticides.
Roses in particular (best seller at Valentine's) contain 1000 times the amount of pesticides compared with food products;

these pesticides are bad for your health and can cause cancer.

Commercially grown flowers have also been fed vast quantities of water in locations were is very scarce but precious for the local communities. Transported for thousands of miles via plane, boat, refrigerated lorries (and finally car to get home). If you would like to buy some fresh flowers choose a locally grown bouquet.

3. Presents: Make your own sweet special gift!

Chocolates you find at the supermaket are full of additives and wrapped in unnecessary plastic packaging. Be creative, home-bake some biscuits and dip them into organic chocolate. +

It's fun and very thoughtful! Here you can find some recipes for chocolate biscuits.
If you don't like choccolate, you can try theese white wine biscuits - simply and delicious.

4. Cards: Buy a recycled paper cards, handmade cards, or make it yourself!
Cards from the shop are very pretty but not eco friendly at all.
The glossy finish that you see on a ordinary card is made laminating plastic on paper; the card is packeged up with plastic that often can be recycled and end up in a landfill.

5. Mini Break Weekend: stay closer to home. You don't need to go to Paris to have a great Valentines celebration! There are some beautiful locations near were you live.
Why not choose a family business Bed & Breakfast to stay the night and perhaps enjoy a walk in a local park or a reserve? If you want to have a very special week end, choose an eco friendly honey moon at Exodus and Responsable Travel.

Have a great Valentines week end!



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