18 February 2009

The Card Tree Parcels & Delivery

Hello dears,
how are you? Hope all well and happy!

Here in England the weather is a little bit milder, and makes us think of spring and easter!
Last night we even had our window open! Yay!
It has been such a cold winter this year. But I can't belive how quick has gone. Maybe it's because I've been so busy with my shop and lots of custom orders for Valentines!

Well, today I was thinking, wouldn't be nice for everyone to see what is it like to get one of The Card Tree Parcels?

As you know one of the main shop policies is to respect the environment and reduce the carbon emission of the shop, as much as possible.

So: all the external packaging is always reused or made with recycled materials.

In each packet you get a leaflets & shop cards for you and your friends, printed on recyled paper.
With the Message in the Bottle, and the Handpainted bags you also get an information leaflet with instructions/washing recommendations. I also write a personal note to thank you for the order. Isn't this cute? I love wrapping up orders. and I put so much effort in it!

I always use the public transports to go to the post office -unfortunatly the local Post Office was closed last year -

and if i can't get the bus, - like if it snown lots -

I walk to town - it's about 4 and half miles there and back -

I love to walk long distances, I get to listen to my favorite podcast, see beautiful scenary of Surrey and get to do exercise!

I have more updates coming soon, so come and visit me again!



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  1. That is a neat little package. Well done for being eco friendly.


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