12 February 2009

Baby Eco Stationary Collection

Hello my dears!
Today I have been so fortunate as to take some nice pictures of the items that I've been long talking about.
The sun was up, the morning was crispy and very productive.
All the items you see here are already in the shop!

This is the new Baby Girl Footprints Letter set:

It can be used as a baby announcement letter, christning, baby shower invitation, you name it!

This is my eco friendly wrapping paper,
has got tiny little pastel pink footprints all over it, isn't it cute?!
It's perfect to wrap up a gift for a new mama and papa!

Is also available in other colors, contact me for your custom order.

And these are some Milky Baby Bottle Notecards:

Each of these stationary items is made with 100% Recycled paper, wrapped up nicely with brown paper bags and natural unbleached string.

Hope you love them!


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  1. Oh my goodness! Your baby stationery is gorgeous. I especially like the baby footprint paper in the top photo.


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