26 February 2009

Narwhal and the Bottle

Hello my dears!
I have a new art work to share with you!

It's a very pretty tresure box!
I painted a Narwhal playing with a "Message in a bottle" at the front,
a decorative trim all around the box,

a beautiful signature painting at the back:

and a glitter heart inside!

This box measure 9 cm tall and 20 cm ∅ diameter, so you can fit some many cute things in it!

Cute uh?!
It's already in the shop!

Please go and heart it!



Green Column - Issue 3 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my Dears!
Here we are, is Eco Friday again!


Todays's topic of the Green Column this week is dedicated to gardening.
Spring is on it's way, days are longer and a little warmer, which allow everyone to spend more time outside, gardening and pottering.

Green spaces and gardens in cities and towns are important as they provide refuge for urban wildlife.
Here some tips and ideas to make your garden more Eco Friendly.

1) Grass: Did you know?

Grass is not green!
I know this sounds crazy, but it's true!

a) Grass requires more water and weeds treatment than any other type of group covers.
b) More ground area is covered by grass, the less area is available to other species.
c) When cutting the grass using standard lawnmower,in one hour you are producing as much pollution as 40 cars!

Giulia's solution: Devote a part of your garden to other types of native plants and habitats, and create a wonderful meadow. You garden will attract a large variety of insects, followed by many birds and frogs, hedgehogs, foxes*...

* Foxes aren't pests: these animals can survive in a range of different environments and they have become an important part of city's ecology and shouldn't be persecuted. If they are in you garden don't kill them or transport them away: another fox will quickly take it's place.
If foxes bother you, visit www.wildlondon.org.uk to find out a humane an effective way of controlling foxes in your garden.

2)Compost: Make your own!
Why buy compost in the garden centre in great big plastic bags when you can make your own at home, for free?!
Compost bins are very easy to get hold of. Local authorities often run discounts for compost bins too. In the compost you can throw left over (always uncooked!) such as vegetables, fruit*; loose tea**, coffee grounds, old plants, flowers and leaves.

You can find lots of interesting information on the net about this topic.

*According to the type of soil you have in your alotment, you can choose the type of compost to make: more alcaline or acidic (for example - very simplified - a more acidic compost will contain more lemon skins - and and alkaline one will contain lots of egg shells)

Either way it is always recommend to feed the compost with fibre, as keeps air spaces in the compost, so that it doesn't go too "soggy"! You can add saw dust, old kitchen towels, and even paper like tubes of toilet roll and egg boxes.

**Researchers at the Reading University found that tea bags which contain a fine fibre glass mesh holding the tea bag together do not compost.

3) Furniture

When buying wodden furniture, make sure that reclaimed from sustainable forests, and not made of rare tropical hardwoods. Avoid installing patio heaters, instead wear that beautiful jumper of yours. Candles are always the best in the evening, as I mention in the Green Issue 2, but if you want to install lights in your garden, make choose they are solar powered ones***

***Be aware when buying these: some of the ones I have seen are not good quality, the rain gets in and they brake. So choose wisely, go for quality rather than cheapness.

4) Don't have a garden?
You can still have your little green area on your windowsill!

Flowers in your bedroom window, herbs in your kitchen one!

Hope you enjoyed this Green Issue!



25 February 2009

The Card Tree on the Net

Hello my dears!

Thank you for following!
So nice to see so many of you everyday!
I'm so happy that people like what I do.

Yesterday I received the sweetest message from my first buyer on the DaWanda shop!

Thanks you so, so, so, so very much for such a lovely gift. It really put a massive smile on my face and helped to make my spirits fly high on a very busy day.

I'm so happy! I love when all my effort are appreciated.

If you have bought something from my shop, met me at a craft fair, or you simply are addicted to my blog, you can leave your thoughts and reviews at The Card Tree Fan Page!
Isn't this nice?

So please visit and leave your sweet thoughts... it would mean so much to me!
You can write a few lines about your shopping experience, the type item you bought, the packaging, what ever you wish!

You can also Review my site clicking here:

I'm also putting together an interesting Newsletter about my shop!
In this monthly Newsletter, you'll receive information about the New Season Products of The Card Tree, special individuals discounts, tips about how to adveritse your craft business for free, tutorials, and perhaps some short Eco tips from my Green Column.

Definatly NO spamming! I hate those commercial e-mails. No, my Newsletter will be different, will be useful, and nice to read, cute to look at!
The Newsletter is reserved for The Card Tree fans only!

To sing up send me a message at: giuliamauri@gmail.com. Please write "Newsletter" in the Subject box and write your e-mail and Nickname in the body of the e-mail.

I also wanted to let you know that you can follow The Card Tree updates also on Twitter and on the my Facebook Group!

Have a lovely day


24 February 2009

Bottle in the Sea

Hello my dears!
Thank you for visiting again.
Today I have a new painting to show you!

I absolutly LOVE it!
The original acrylic painting Bottle in the Sea is signed and framed on a beautiful FSC Certified Wood frame. If you want to have a closer look, pop to the shop!

Lots of new work is coming soon, so come back to visit again!



23 February 2009

Tree Letter Set

Hello my dears!
Today I've been working on a new collection of Spring Writing Sets!

For them I'm using bright green colors & new type of recycled paper. This paper has lots of colorful confetti embedded in it, just so sweet and unsual. Is also 100% recycled, which makes the set totally eco friendly.

I hope you like it!
I have listed it in the shop already, so heart it!

I have lots of ideas for the Easter & St. Patrick designs!
Stay tuned, there is more coming this week.


18 February 2009

The Card Tree Parcels & Delivery

Hello dears,
how are you? Hope all well and happy!

Here in England the weather is a little bit milder, and makes us think of spring and easter!
Last night we even had our window open! Yay!
It has been such a cold winter this year. But I can't belive how quick has gone. Maybe it's because I've been so busy with my shop and lots of custom orders for Valentines!

Well, today I was thinking, wouldn't be nice for everyone to see what is it like to get one of The Card Tree Parcels?

As you know one of the main shop policies is to respect the environment and reduce the carbon emission of the shop, as much as possible.

So: all the external packaging is always reused or made with recycled materials.

In each packet you get a leaflets & shop cards for you and your friends, printed on recyled paper.
With the Message in the Bottle, and the Handpainted bags you also get an information leaflet with instructions/washing recommendations. I also write a personal note to thank you for the order. Isn't this cute? I love wrapping up orders. and I put so much effort in it!

I always use the public transports to go to the post office -unfortunatly the local Post Office was closed last year -

and if i can't get the bus, - like if it snown lots -

I walk to town - it's about 4 and half miles there and back -

I love to walk long distances, I get to listen to my favorite podcast, see beautiful scenary of Surrey and get to do exercise!

I have more updates coming soon, so come and visit me again!



17 February 2009

Message in a Bottle Collection

Hello my dears!

I'm so excited about my New Message in the Bottle collection that I have in store now!
There is so much to choose from and all the items are just so cute!

There are the well-being affirmations pendants...

That you can open and read when ever you feel you need a little boost...

The Custom Made Message in the Bottle Pendant:

This is the lastest Message in the Bottle I made:

It's a 5.8cm tall and 2.5 cm ∅ diameter bottle, and It can fit a long message of 4 cm tall and 20 cm wide!!! Almost like a letter! The message inside can be printed a font of your choice!

And I have to tell you... there will be more coming soon.
I'm so delighted that these cute little things are becoming the best seller in my shop!

Please contact me for custom orders, I can do these sweet things also for wedding favours, tolkens, table place name holder and more!


13 February 2009

Green Column - Issue 2 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my dears!
Today it's Friday... and you all know what it means!
This is the second Green Column Issue. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Today we talk about Looove! (Quoting a very unknown but cool movie - Dumped)
Tomorrow is Valentines day. Here a few tips & green recipes to make your day special, personal and green!

  1. Candlelit Romance: Turn off the lights and turn on candles. Candles are romantic and will save energy. If you are going to buy some, the best choice for is to go for the natural beeswax candles or vegetable-based candles that biodegrade and are smoke free.

They are a little bit more expensive than ordinary candles, but they last longer, burn brighter, and won't hurt your health or the envirvment: normal paraffin candles are infact made from petroleum residues, not the type of thing you would like your kids to play with...
You can find beeswax candles at Bear Creek and vegetable soy candles at Green House Soy Company. I hope you will find what you are looking for.

2. Flowers: this year choose not to buy flowers but buy a plant! Plant blooms will last all season and grow just like your love!

Flowers at the florist windows are gorgeous, but not very green. They have been cultivated in mass plantations on the other side of the planet, doused in pesticides.
Roses in particular (best seller at Valentine's) contain 1000 times the amount of pesticides compared with food products;

these pesticides are bad for your health and can cause cancer.

Commercially grown flowers have also been fed vast quantities of water in locations were is very scarce but precious for the local communities. Transported for thousands of miles via plane, boat, refrigerated lorries (and finally car to get home). If you would like to buy some fresh flowers choose a locally grown bouquet.

3. Presents: Make your own sweet special gift!

Chocolates you find at the supermaket are full of additives and wrapped in unnecessary plastic packaging. Be creative, home-bake some biscuits and dip them into organic chocolate. +

It's fun and very thoughtful! Here you can find some recipes for chocolate biscuits.
If you don't like choccolate, you can try theese white wine biscuits - simply and delicious.

4. Cards: Buy a recycled paper cards, handmade cards, or make it yourself!
Cards from the shop are very pretty but not eco friendly at all.
The glossy finish that you see on a ordinary card is made laminating plastic on paper; the card is packeged up with plastic that often can be recycled and end up in a landfill.

5. Mini Break Weekend: stay closer to home. You don't need to go to Paris to have a great Valentines celebration! There are some beautiful locations near were you live.
Why not choose a family business Bed & Breakfast to stay the night and perhaps enjoy a walk in a local park or a reserve? If you want to have a very special week end, choose an eco friendly honey moon at Exodus and Responsable Travel.

Have a great Valentines week end!



Featured on Wickedly Chic!

Hello my dears!

The Card Tree was featured in the Daily Ditties of Wickedly Chic this week!


12 February 2009

Preview: Message in the Bottle Pendant

Hello Hello!
Look what I have posted in the shop today...

This "Message in the Bottle" is a "One of a kind" pendant!

This is the first one I made, and is a little gift for myself. :) It holds inside a very special affirmation that will accompany me everyday; when I feel like it, I take the message out and read it... Gorgeous!

Can be personalized with your personal message, for you and your loved ones.
Comes wrapped up nicely in a gift box with gift tag and raffia bow.



Baby Eco Stationary Collection

Hello my dears!
Today I have been so fortunate as to take some nice pictures of the items that I've been long talking about.
The sun was up, the morning was crispy and very productive.
All the items you see here are already in the shop!

This is the new Baby Girl Footprints Letter set:

It can be used as a baby announcement letter, christning, baby shower invitation, you name it!

This is my eco friendly wrapping paper,
has got tiny little pastel pink footprints all over it, isn't it cute?!
It's perfect to wrap up a gift for a new mama and papa!

Is also available in other colors, contact me for your custom order.

And these are some Milky Baby Bottle Notecards:

Each of these stationary items is made with 100% Recycled paper, wrapped up nicely with brown paper bags and natural unbleached string.

Hope you love them!


11 February 2009

Good Luck

Hi everyone!
I made this good luck painting yesterday evening and coudn't wait to share it with you!
I woke up early to catch the sun shine and take some pictures of it.

It's already in the shop!
More is coming soon, but now I'm off to the post office, then luch with my friend.
Take care, see you soon

10 February 2009


Hello my dears!

I'm so happy as I received the Love Ya Award by Hyla of Green Earth Journey!
It's so exciting and sweet!

Soon my nomination for Fabulous Blog Award and Love Ya Award will be published, so stay tuned!
But now I still have hundreds of updates and works I want to show you!
Unfortunatly the weather has been terrible for taking good pictures, but I'm hoping that tomorrow will be better.
I have new cards , a new original painting and some more wrapping paper, all of these godies are going right up in the shop by the end of this week!

Keep visiting!

Love ya!


06 February 2009

The Green Column - Issue 1 - by Giulia Mauri

Hello my dears!


I decided to set up a weekly column about Green Living.
This topic it's so exciting and vibrant, and I love it to bits.

My Green Column will be published on this blog every Friday.
I welcome all your thoughts and e-mails on the matter, so stay tuned and get involved!

This week topic is:

Internet, Web Sites & Computers

1) Internet:
Next time your Internet contracts ends, why not consider switching to and Eco Friendly Company? Green ISP is one of them. This company offers Broadband and ADSL and
is a non for profit organisation, has solar powered offices, lower your carbon footprints planting trees and it's a Carbon Neutral company.

2) Web Sites:
These days every company has a web site. It's the most effective tool for marketing and selling. But, is it green? Unfortunatly not. But there is a green solution for everything: C02Stats is a company that makes your web sites green, calculating your website's total energy consumption and making it more energy efficient, then purchasing renewable energy to neutralize its carbon footprints. You get a logo placed in your sites so your clients know that you care about the environment and you are making a difference.

3)Computers & phones:
They are all around us, we are upgrading and replacing them all the time. It takes a lot of natural resources to make a computer: about 7 liters of crude oil are used to make the plastic inside just one system. Each year over 100 millions pc are sold and one million end up in landfill.Bold
So what can you do?

You can sell your old computer on E-bay, or donate it, for example to Computer Aid.
And if you are looking for a new computer, Eco Friendly computers are beeing developed as speak! This New Genaration of computers will be made with recycled/natural materials, will use less energy and... cost a a lot of money!
But hopefully in the future they will be more affordable for everyone. This is one of them:

You can see more of them in the Dell's web site.

4)Mobile Phones:
To donate or recycle your old mobible phone visit ReCellular.com and Oxfam International.

Hope this first issue gave you somo good ideas to about Green Living.

More to come, next Friday!

Take Care now,



Find Me on Shop Handmade.com!

Hello my dears! I have a big news!

The Card Tree is on the Shop Handmade web site!

This site is pretty much like Etsy, but, when you buy something, you are helping the envirovment!

With every sale I have in my Shop Handmade Store my sponsors (Addicted to Scrapbooking & Addicted to Rubber Stamps) will protect 25 square feet of Rainforest.

Seems to good to be true. But get used to it as I'm going to sell all my Tote Bags there!


Much Love,


04 February 2009

New Card Tree Letter Set!

Hello my dears!

Today I have a new creation to share with you!
It's The Card Tree letter set.

Is made with 100% recylced paper, white and smooth, easy to write on even with a quill.

It features my Card Tree watercolor. I think it will be perfect for the spring season! Such lively bright colors and so romantic with all those love letters on it!

This set comes nicely wrapped up with biodegradable sleeve and card header, perfect even for a sweet give away, and you can find it already in the shop!

I'm going to make some matching Card Tree notecards & stickers for a complete Stationary Set in style. I'm still looking for the perfect eco friendly sticky paper for the stickers: it's very hard to find. If you see any give me a shout!

I shall let you know here on the blog as soon as the Stationary Set is ready!

Lots of x

02 February 2009

It feels like winter!

My dears,
What a surprise the night has gave to us:
This morning we woke up to this:

Everything is white and quiet! Wonderful!
And it looks like it's like this a bit everywhere in Britain!

Roads are blocket, school are closed.

Our fridge is almost empty but we cannot go shopping either!

Tonight we are having a slow cocker curry meal with the last few things we have at home:
lentils, cabbage, carrots, onion, tomato sauce curry powder & cocunut milk.

So, we took the opportunity to go on the hill and slide!

It's great!
But I do hope I can get to the post office tomorrow as I have a few orders that needs to get to thier recipents as soon as possible!
I'll do my best dears, perhaps I have to ask Santa a lift to town.

Lots of love!


01 February 2009

Sunny Sunday

Hello my dears!

I'm so excited about my Facebook Group and my Facebook Page!
Many friends and friendly people are joining in & becoming fan every day... it's so nice!
Check them out!

They are both a great place for networking, many of the people in it share the passion for the Handmade and they are part of the Etsy world.

Today I received a really pleasent surprise from Francesca author of Certain Creatures,
as she nominated The Card Tree for the Fabulous Blog Award!

Now, isn't this nice? (quoting Lidia Bennet in Pride & Prejudice)
Thank you Francesca! x

Sending you all best wishes for a sunny Sunday.

Take Care you all and come visit soon... more handmade stuff is on it's way...