22 January 2009

Space Clearing

Hello my dearest!

I hope you are all well and having a lovely week.
I had a great day. After listening a program on the radio about the laws of feng shui I've decided to do a big space clearing around the house and get ready to welcome the new season.

I put away all the Christmas cards that I still had on display (it's hard to let go of Christmas for me), dusted everywhere, clear the clutter all around my art studio area and prepared 3 huge bags that are going away to charity shop first thing tomorrow.

It's amazing how up-lifted and relief I feel now! You should try it too!
It just feels so good to give away goods that you never really use, but you know that someone else will really appreciate.
For example, those jeans in your closet that just don't fit you anymore, but you still keep hoping to wear them one day?
Or those books on your shelf that you never feel like reading, but you won't get rid of them because you feel like you should read them?

Keeping things we never use can affect us deeply in a negative way:

- it drains your positive energy,
- it blocks your space,
- it attaches you to the material world,
- it unconsciously affects your faith in your future, and the beliefs of the lack in your personal prosperity.

People always say that we have cannot hold on to things forever.
Like a butterfly that comes to rest on the palm of your hand. If you hold on to it, she will die. But if you leave your palm open perhaps she will be back again.
Sometimes, if things are going well, we want to keep them that way. But nothing can remain the
same, neither our bodies, our minds, everything moves continuously,
Ta panta rhei, You cannot take a bath twice in the same river, (Heraclitus).

Letting go of things, negative feelings, and sometimes people, leave room in our hearts for more things to come in your life. And if you do have a positive approach to life, you are likely to get many beautiful things.

Have a lovely day!



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