05 January 2009

Snow in Surrey & New Cards

Hello my dears!
This morning a woke up and saw this:

Yay, snow! Finally! Just when we were all thinking that the Christmas spirit was gone!
I went for a walk an take some nice pictures of our village in his white coat:

Then frosty made us some coco...and I begin to work on my new cards projects!
I made some nice birthday cards for the New Year Collection,


and HER.
So very nice! And they are already in the shop!

Is also available in the shop a Birthday Card Pack of 6 card, 3 for boys + 3 for girls:

Hope you like them.
Thank you so much for all your kind comments during the holidays, they were very much appreciated.

love and snow hugs



  1. Gosh the girl one is so cute! Could you personalize one with the name of my friend for me?

  2. finally some packs of birthday cards, i have looked in every stationary shop in my town for these. internet shopping rules...see you on esty!

  3. Lovely pictures!
    and I also like the cards.. simple and elegant!

  4. Beautiful pictures of your village, and your cards are very cute!


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