28 January 2009

Recipe in the Jar Cards

Hello my dears!

Yesterday it was the Recipe in the jar painting,
and today is the cards!

They are made with 100% recycled brown paper, and they are individually painted one by one. They come in a set of 10.

I adore these cute little things. And it looks like someone else like them too!
They have not been on the shop for 24 hours and already they have found a new home.
I'm so happy!

Sending you lots of love,

1 comment:

  1. Ciao Cara Giulia!
    Le tue ultime creazioni sono davvero belle!
    Adoro le miniature e quei boccettini con dentro il messaggio sono un'idea eccezionale e veramente dolcissimi!
    anche queste jar cards.. lovely!
    Ti ho assegnato un premio .. sul mio blog ci sono tutti i dettagli!
    Spero non ti dispaiccia!


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