23 January 2009

Protect The Seals

Hello my dears,
Hope you are all well, is nice to have you back.

As you might have noticed for a while there have been some pictures on the left hand 'sidebar' of this blog. These links will take you directly to enviromental organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace, RSPB and others. Please check them out once in a while.

Simply by signing the petitions of enviromental campains over the internet you have the power to save our planet and spieces in grave danger.

In particular you will find this image:

This link I created will take you directly to the The Human Society of United States site, the HSUS site, who are currently trying to stop the cruel hunt of baby seals. In this site you will be able to see video documentation of the Seal Hunt in Canada.

There is also a petition which is very quick to sign.


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