10 January 2009

Plastic Bags aren't cool

Hello my dears!
Trust you all having a lovely day where ever you are.
Well, I can tell that you are here, so that's a good start isn'it?

Giulia is giggling

I'm so excited about the opening of my new Eco Friendly Bags shop in February!
And I need all your help to find a good name for it.
I set up a poll (right hand side of the page) to find out what you guys think is the best name for this cottage store.
Although, if you have better ideas please, please, please write them down on the comment section. I would appreciate that very much so.

thank you!

The reason why I want to open a Eco Friendly Bag shop is to promote the use of reusable bags.
Making reusable bags looking nice, cute, sweet, help people to carry them aroud without feeling embarassed. I know that people get embarassed by silly things like this.

For example, little story-telling:

"Last year I bought this National Trust Carbon Neutral Jute Reusable bag.

I find it absolutly fantastic! First, it's very spacious, second, the handle it's very soft and easy to carry, thrid it's carbon neutral, fourth but not last, it's naturally biodegradable.

Sometimes I can fit all my shopping in this one bag, (but it can get a bit heavy). Fortunatly there are boyfriends and husbands there for us to carry them.

ssshhhh... don't tell him that that's why you want him to come shopping with you!!!

So, where were we?
Oh yes, I asked my boyfriend to swap his Eco Freindly Bag (the dolphin one, made by me) with the National Trust bag (as this one, was quite heavy for me).

Well, he didn't want to! Why?
Because I'll look like a grandad with the National Trust logo on it! "

I know this is a silly example, and at the end we did swap bags... But the thing is, more cute the Eco Friendly Bags are, more people are going to buy them right?!

More people using Eco Friendly Bags means less people using plastic ones!

+Reusable Bags = -Plastic Bags

The impact of plastic bags on the natural envirovment is asbolutly devastating.
If only people knew exactly how much sufferance that they are causing on animals and even babies, the would really think twice before accepting plastic bags at the cash desk!

This is just one aspect that concern the plastic bags and plastic packaging.
Every day million of plastic items are disposed/abandoned and they will never biodegrate.
They will degrate at some point, but the chemicals in the plastic itself will remain unchanged and dilute into the ground to meet the precious water that we drink.

Leave your thoughts...


  1. i love what you are doing and wish you the best. I sell reusable bags to retailers and grocers in the usa.

  2. Very good article - love your bags can't wait to see your shop up running!


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