16 January 2009

New Cards

Hello my dears!

How are you? I hope you are all having a lovely day!

I've got some news about the job I went for on Monday. I have been offer the position as chief assistant in Café Rouge and I went for a trial shift on Wednesday. I do like it, I would be doing lots of plate decorating, salads, desserts, (and I've even learned how to make the cremé brulé as well!)
It's definetly a good experience...

But anyway, this morning I enjoyed the white wine biscuits that I made yesterday

on my pretty little breakfast set that Vicki bought for me!

I find it charming!
Another thing is that I've been working on some tiny little gift tag. They are so cute!

handpainted on 100% recycled paper, with little red ribbon. You can find them here.
Really quite perfect for Valentines!

I also did some thinking of you cards

This one is stamped on recycled paper and comes with red recycled paper envelope.

In the shop are also just arrived the New Mini Mini Message in the Bottle
which are super duper cute: only 2 cm tall and 1 cm ∅ diameter.
The message inside is always hand written and I can fit about a 30 characher message in the small little bottle. I also do custom orders!

More cards designs coming soon
keep visiting and hearting me!

love ya!


  1. Mini Mini Message in a Bottle...way too cute!

  2. Congrats on the new job, Giulia! Sounds like fun! Creme brule is one of my favorites! The new cards and tags in your shop are great!

  3. The new job sounds great! And the kisscards are such an original idea!
    brava, bravissima!
    ho visto anche la ricetta dei biscotti! voglio provare a farli..


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