12 January 2009

Love Cards

Hello my sweet Valentines, happy Monday everyone!

Remember this place?
Today I'm going for an interview there! Apparently, they are looking for a cold chief, and I think I'm just the right person for the job. Creative, passionate about desserts and salads, live locally... So... wish me luck! I would really love working there!

I've got something for you... Just as I promìsed (quoting Stardust)!
These are my two new design for the Valentine's Card Tree Collection.

They are both very simple and elegant. Printed on 250 gr recycled card stock and coordinated with a matching recycled paper red envelope.

O N E :

T W O :

And this is the back of the card:

They are both already available in the shop!

them or Love them?

I certainly do hope love them 'cos i do. If you do, please go and heart them!

And come back to see more of my Valentine's cards in the next few days!


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  1. Good Luck Giulia! I hope the interview goes well! Love these valentines cards! x



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