22 January 2009

The Card Tree Vouchers!

Hello my dears,

Lots of things are happening at The Card Tree at the moment...
One of the things I'm working on is the gift supply section, that is, more greetings cards designs, gift tags that will come with matching eco friendly wrapping paper!

And for all the indecisive, what better gift than a gift voucher?

So your loved ones can choose what ever they want for their birthday, from a personalized stationary set to some personalized business cards or shop cards for their Etsy store!

The Card Tree gift vouchers are available in $10 and $50 levels.
You can also purchase a $20, $30, or $40 voucher and you will receive the amount in levels of $10, so your friends can use them all together or in separate transactions as you wish.

Clever uh?
That was Jason's idea... thank you sweety!

I'm also working on wedding invitations for the spring, they will be printed on recycled paper with pretty sparkly silver specks, just like my love cards...

Shall write more about these projects in the next few days.
Take care,


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  1. They are so nice! Such a brillant idea, i should do it for my shop too!



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