07 January 2009

Befana has arrived!

Hello my dears!

Do you know what happened yesterday?
We woke up in a complete magic winter wonderland.

The snow is still on the ground, and the frost, reached our windows!

The Christmas Tree was still up and we have found some gifts under it from Befana!
I cannot belive she came to visit us, all the way from Italy...
It must be magic!
How can she fly with this cold weather?

We left some eldeflower spirit and some homemade white wine biscuits for her,
and it looks like she appreciated them as the plate and the glass were completely empty in the morning!

She left an Epiphany Stocking for each of us and also another bag full of useful goodies and a poem! How sweet is that?!

Thank you Befana,
We love you!



  1. Hi Guilia

    I came across your blog by accident...not long after I updated my blog. I read your excitment at waking to find that it had snowed and thanked La Befana.

    I live in Australia but my parents were Italian. I remember my mother telling us about La Befana when we were little.

    Thank you for bringing back some special memories for me.



  2. Hi there Giulia..

    I came across your blog as I was updating mine today.

    I read how La Befana had brought the snow!

    My parents are Italian and I live in Australia. We dont have snow where I live but reading about La Befana brought back some very special memories for me.

    Enjoy the white stuff!


    Liz DeLuca


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