28 January 2009

Recipe in the Jar Cards

Hello my dears!

Yesterday it was the Recipe in the jar painting,
and today is the cards!

They are made with 100% recycled brown paper, and they are individually painted one by one. They come in a set of 10.

I adore these cute little things. And it looks like someone else like them too!
They have not been on the shop for 24 hours and already they have found a new home.
I'm so happy!

Sending you lots of love,

27 January 2009

Message in the Bottle Painting

Hi guys!
I'm just so excited by my new Message in the Jar painting that today I did another one!
This one is a Message in the Bottle Painting:

I really hope that someone special will fall in love with this painting.
He really wants a home to be in!

Like it?
Pop to my store to have a closer look, and heart it!

26 January 2009

Recipe In A Jar

Hello my dears!
I hope you are all well.

You all know how much I love the Message in the bottle idea.
A secret message, passed on to someone special, tiny, cute...

So I thought, how abut a jar?
What would I keep in a jar on my kitchen shef?
And here is the answer... a Recipe in jar!

This is my latest work, is acrylic paint on recycled paper, and contains a real italian traditional recipe, actually one of my favorites! The lasagna con melanzane. Yummi!!!

It's really cute, very much country like. Would look lovely in a country style kitchen.
The painting is signed and framed in FSC Certified Wood.

Is already in the shop! Heart it!

Much love,


Gift Wrapping

Hello my dears!
I have more valentines goodies to share with you!
This is a selection of eco friendly gift wrapping, with hearts all over it, perfect for valentines!

This is the wrapping paper, that comes with 2 matching gift tag each sheet.

I also made these gift bags that come with matching gift tags!

You can find all these goodies in the shop already!

Lots of x

25 January 2009

Mini Bottles

Hello my dears!
I'm so delighted about my Mini Message in the Bottle available in the shop!
They are so so cute, and so versatile as well!

The mini bottle measurements are 3 cm tall and 1.5 cm ∅ diameter, but is also available in a smaller size of 2cm tall and 1 cm ∅ diameter.

It comes in a little recycled paper jewelry box with coordinated hand-painted gift tag. Is all wrapt up nicely with a natural raffia ribbon too.

The gift box measurements are 6,5 cm square; There is room to put another small gift (ring, pendant, money, cheque, you name it!)

and is...

I also made these Message in the bottle notecards to complete the collection:

These cards are made with 100% recycled paper with natural specks of grass,
they come with matching envelopes that are also individually decorated.

You can find them right here!

Sending you love,


23 January 2009

Protect The Seals

Hello my dears,
Hope you are all well, is nice to have you back.

As you might have noticed for a while there have been some pictures on the left hand 'sidebar' of this blog. These links will take you directly to enviromental organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace, RSPB and others. Please check them out once in a while.

Simply by signing the petitions of enviromental campains over the internet you have the power to save our planet and spieces in grave danger.

In particular you will find this image:

This link I created will take you directly to the The Human Society of United States site, the HSUS site, who are currently trying to stop the cruel hunt of baby seals. In this site you will be able to see video documentation of the Seal Hunt in Canada.

There is also a petition which is very quick to sign.


22 January 2009

The Card Tree Vouchers!

Hello my dears,

Lots of things are happening at The Card Tree at the moment...
One of the things I'm working on is the gift supply section, that is, more greetings cards designs, gift tags that will come with matching eco friendly wrapping paper!

And for all the indecisive, what better gift than a gift voucher?

So your loved ones can choose what ever they want for their birthday, from a personalized stationary set to some personalized business cards or shop cards for their Etsy store!

The Card Tree gift vouchers are available in $10 and $50 levels.
You can also purchase a $20, $30, or $40 voucher and you will receive the amount in levels of $10, so your friends can use them all together or in separate transactions as you wish.

Clever uh?
That was Jason's idea... thank you sweety!

I'm also working on wedding invitations for the spring, they will be printed on recycled paper with pretty sparkly silver specks, just like my love cards...

Shall write more about these projects in the next few days.
Take care,


Space Clearing

Hello my dearest!

I hope you are all well and having a lovely week.
I had a great day. After listening a program on the radio about the laws of feng shui I've decided to do a big space clearing around the house and get ready to welcome the new season.

I put away all the Christmas cards that I still had on display (it's hard to let go of Christmas for me), dusted everywhere, clear the clutter all around my art studio area and prepared 3 huge bags that are going away to charity shop first thing tomorrow.

It's amazing how up-lifted and relief I feel now! You should try it too!
It just feels so good to give away goods that you never really use, but you know that someone else will really appreciate.
For example, those jeans in your closet that just don't fit you anymore, but you still keep hoping to wear them one day?
Or those books on your shelf that you never feel like reading, but you won't get rid of them because you feel like you should read them?

Keeping things we never use can affect us deeply in a negative way:

- it drains your positive energy,
- it blocks your space,
- it attaches you to the material world,
- it unconsciously affects your faith in your future, and the beliefs of the lack in your personal prosperity.

People always say that we have cannot hold on to things forever.
Like a butterfly that comes to rest on the palm of your hand. If you hold on to it, she will die. But if you leave your palm open perhaps she will be back again.
Sometimes, if things are going well, we want to keep them that way. But nothing can remain the
same, neither our bodies, our minds, everything moves continuously,
Ta panta rhei, You cannot take a bath twice in the same river, (Heraclitus).

Letting go of things, negative feelings, and sometimes people, leave room in our hearts for more things to come in your life. And if you do have a positive approach to life, you are likely to get many beautiful things.

Have a lovely day!



19 January 2009

New cute little things

Hello my dears,
just a short note to let you know that I've added more cute little thing in my shop.

go and have a look!


17 January 2009

Up to date!

Happy Saturday everyone!

Just a short note to thank your kind comments on the last post about my new job and the new cards've made! You are so sweet guys! Thank you!

I also wanted to share more pictures of my new cards that I added in my shop.
You will find some new single cards, which are in a shipping offer at the moment - (see shop for details) and some new cards pack, like these Grazie cards- (means Thank you in italian)

These Thinking of you cards

And these Thank you card pack.
I love thank you cards so I can't stop making more of them!


16 January 2009

New Cards

Hello my dears!

How are you? I hope you are all having a lovely day!

I've got some news about the job I went for on Monday. I have been offer the position as chief assistant in Café Rouge and I went for a trial shift on Wednesday. I do like it, I would be doing lots of plate decorating, salads, desserts, (and I've even learned how to make the cremé brulé as well!)
It's definetly a good experience...

But anyway, this morning I enjoyed the white wine biscuits that I made yesterday

on my pretty little breakfast set that Vicki bought for me!

I find it charming!
Another thing is that I've been working on some tiny little gift tag. They are so cute!

handpainted on 100% recycled paper, with little red ribbon. You can find them here.
Really quite perfect for Valentines!

I also did some thinking of you cards

This one is stamped on recycled paper and comes with red recycled paper envelope.

In the shop are also just arrived the New Mini Mini Message in the Bottle
which are super duper cute: only 2 cm tall and 1 cm ∅ diameter.
The message inside is always hand written and I can fit about a 30 characher message in the small little bottle. I also do custom orders!

More cards designs coming soon
keep visiting and hearting me!

love ya!

15 January 2009

Do It Yourself : Organic Wine Biscuits

Hello my dears! Thank you for visiting!

Today I have a lovely recipe to share with you: it's

Italian organic white wine biscuits

All you need:

4 cups of organic flour

½ cup of organic olive oil (or if the flavour is too strong seed oil)

1 cup of organic sugar

¾ cup of organic white wine

1 lemon zest

*Also tasty with pine nuts and orange zest*

How to do it:

Mix all the ingredients all together in a pot until to form a ball.
Take the dough out and work it for 5 or 10 minutes.
Place it in the fridge for 2 hours.
Take the dough out of the fridge,
Roll out on a lightly floured surface, about 5mm thick and cut into shapesand make biscuits or little doughnuts with it.

If you decide do make little doughnuts, decorate them with some sugar on one side, placing the biscuits on a little plate with sugar on it.
Pre-hat the oven, 200°
Place the biscuits in the oven for about 10-15 minutes according to their thickness.
They last for several weeks in tin boxes (if not eaten!)
Perfect for when you go camping or to make before Christmas and enjoy during the holidays...

Enjoy my dears!



12 January 2009

Love Cards

Hello my sweet Valentines, happy Monday everyone!

Remember this place?
Today I'm going for an interview there! Apparently, they are looking for a cold chief, and I think I'm just the right person for the job. Creative, passionate about desserts and salads, live locally... So... wish me luck! I would really love working there!

I've got something for you... Just as I promìsed (quoting Stardust)!
These are my two new design for the Valentine's Card Tree Collection.

They are both very simple and elegant. Printed on 250 gr recycled card stock and coordinated with a matching recycled paper red envelope.

O N E :

T W O :

And this is the back of the card:

They are both already available in the shop!

them or Love them?

I certainly do hope love them 'cos i do. If you do, please go and heart them!

And come back to see more of my Valentine's cards in the next few days!


10 January 2009

Plastic Bags aren't cool

Hello my dears!
Trust you all having a lovely day where ever you are.
Well, I can tell that you are here, so that's a good start isn'it?

Giulia is giggling

I'm so excited about the opening of my new Eco Friendly Bags shop in February!
And I need all your help to find a good name for it.
I set up a poll (right hand side of the page) to find out what you guys think is the best name for this cottage store.
Although, if you have better ideas please, please, please write them down on the comment section. I would appreciate that very much so.

thank you!

The reason why I want to open a Eco Friendly Bag shop is to promote the use of reusable bags.
Making reusable bags looking nice, cute, sweet, help people to carry them aroud without feeling embarassed. I know that people get embarassed by silly things like this.

For example, little story-telling:

"Last year I bought this National Trust Carbon Neutral Jute Reusable bag.

I find it absolutly fantastic! First, it's very spacious, second, the handle it's very soft and easy to carry, thrid it's carbon neutral, fourth but not last, it's naturally biodegradable.

Sometimes I can fit all my shopping in this one bag, (but it can get a bit heavy). Fortunatly there are boyfriends and husbands there for us to carry them.

ssshhhh... don't tell him that that's why you want him to come shopping with you!!!

So, where were we?
Oh yes, I asked my boyfriend to swap his Eco Freindly Bag (the dolphin one, made by me) with the National Trust bag (as this one, was quite heavy for me).

Well, he didn't want to! Why?
Because I'll look like a grandad with the National Trust logo on it! "

I know this is a silly example, and at the end we did swap bags... But the thing is, more cute the Eco Friendly Bags are, more people are going to buy them right?!

More people using Eco Friendly Bags means less people using plastic ones!

+Reusable Bags = -Plastic Bags

The impact of plastic bags on the natural envirovment is asbolutly devastating.
If only people knew exactly how much sufferance that they are causing on animals and even babies, the would really think twice before accepting plastic bags at the cash desk!

This is just one aspect that concern the plastic bags and plastic packaging.
Every day million of plastic items are disposed/abandoned and they will never biodegrate.
They will degrate at some point, but the chemicals in the plastic itself will remain unchanged and dilute into the ground to meet the precious water that we drink.

Leave your thoughts...

09 January 2009

Naughty Doughnuts!

Hello my dear followers!
So nice to see more of you everyday!
Thank you so very much for all your kind comments lately,
you guys are so sweet.

Here I am, staring at a box of american style doughnuts wandering if anyone will notice if I just... Have another one. Gosh they are so tasty!

You can taste the fried flavor first (naughty) then the texture of the sweet sugar gently melting in your mouth (very naughty)...

I have to say these particular american speciality inspires me not only to eat more of them, but also to think of sweet things like...
l o v e!

Well, we all know that Valentines is just around the corner.
And if you are single, you know very well that you are gona get a card from your mother!
So it's a win-win situation.

And I'm getting ready for the V day with a collection of eco friendly cards!

Handmade, printed 100% recycled paper, comes with coordinated red envelope.

Soon there will be more in the shop.
And if you want something extra special for that amazing husband of yours or for your mummy, I can even make you some personalized cards!
-Just contact me-

lots of l o v e


07 January 2009

Befana has arrived!

Hello my dears!

Do you know what happened yesterday?
We woke up in a complete magic winter wonderland.

The snow is still on the ground, and the frost, reached our windows!

The Christmas Tree was still up and we have found some gifts under it from Befana!
I cannot belive she came to visit us, all the way from Italy...
It must be magic!
How can she fly with this cold weather?

We left some eldeflower spirit and some homemade white wine biscuits for her,
and it looks like she appreciated them as the plate and the glass were completely empty in the morning!

She left an Epiphany Stocking for each of us and also another bag full of useful goodies and a poem! How sweet is that?!

Thank you Befana,
We love you!


05 January 2009

Snow in Surrey & New Cards

Hello my dears!
This morning a woke up and saw this:

Yay, snow! Finally! Just when we were all thinking that the Christmas spirit was gone!
I went for a walk an take some nice pictures of our village in his white coat:

Then frosty made us some coco...and I begin to work on my new cards projects!
I made some nice birthday cards for the New Year Collection,


and HER.
So very nice! And they are already in the shop!

Is also available in the shop a Birthday Card Pack of 6 card, 3 for boys + 3 for girls:

Hope you like them.
Thank you so much for all your kind comments during the holidays, they were very much appreciated.

love and snow hugs