30 December 2009

Handmade Trinket Box and Miniature Message in a Bottle

Hello my darlings,
Happy New Year to all of you!
I hope you had a great Christmas!

Well I'm very excited to announce the Sale at the Card Tree and also to share ths new trinket Paper Marché + Message in a Bottle that I recently made:

What a little gem!

I just love it!
So you can find it in the shop

The little bottle measure 2cm tall, and just a cm across. ery sweet indeed.
I hope you like it!


22 December 2009

Happy Holidays

Hello my darlings!
Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you are enjoying the festive season.
I love it. Beeing so busy lately with work, orders, presents making for family and friends, so I have much to update you with!!!

I have been to Italy last week. We didn't have much time but we really did make the most of it.
It was so nice to see all my family and old dear friends. I loved visiting italian towns all nicely christmassy decorated with Christmas lights, displays, markets and attractions.

Also we went by train, not plain! I have to say... it was AMAZING!!!
so so cool. Travelling in the night in the Italian train from Paris Bercy to Venice was one of the most exciting things ever. I didn't want to sleep, but look out all night to see the mountains. At the end, how ever i did fall asleep at some point as this picture shows.

...And I slept so well. The train rocks you to sleep. It reminded me of night journeys (better called- adventures) on my parents campavan when I was little!!!
It was getting on the train that it has been a bit of a worry. Our Eurostar from London was 2 hours late so this only left us with an hour and a half to get from Paris North to Paris Bercy. Which is a problem when the whole town has a metrò strike and is relying on taxis...! We waited an hour and forty minuted in a line for a taxi, and when we finally got in, the driver says that the journey would take us 25 minutes!! What? we didn't have 25 minutes!!! plaese Archangel Micheal help me! I keep praying Micheal and Mary and ask for a miracle. The traffic was very solid and the surfice iced. We arrived at 8.33pm, three minutes late. I ran to the plattaform to try to stop the train, while Jason was paying the taxi and crabbing our heavy lugange full of presents and my dad's new mac laptop ( a very huge responsability!)
I ran to the train and found our carriage, in such an emotional state that I was almost crying between happyness / tireness and a build up of fear. I found the guard and told hime to plase wait one minute so that Jason could come to the train too. And he sayd:
" Tranquilla tranquilla c'è tempo..."
"Which means don't worry there is pleanty of time"!!! (althought we were late!)
I was so amazed and happy. When I think about it...I still don't know how we managed to get on the train. I think it was a miracle!!!

One of our first stop was of course, Castelfranco Veneto, my hometown. This is my brother and I in the town centre.

It was very very cold but we had some mulled wine to warm us up!

We went to lunch at my Grandmas, who was so very happy to see us all!
Then in the evening we had aperitives with my cool auntie Tati. She is so amazing, really really gets youngsters like us! We always have the best time with her.

Then we went to Cividale with my borther and tow of his friends. It was very nice, the town centre and the food is amazing... this si a picture of me at the Cividale river. The water is so clear and the sand so white....

Then we went to Bassano del Grappa, to visit my dear friend Martina and her boyfriend.
We got there early so we could do a little bit of browising around and about...
We went to the carosel which I have neer been before!


We also went to the lights and bells shop at the end of the bridge and got 2 cute bells to put in our future cottage. But for now we are still enjoing them as they are haging on our wide windows... (will be posting pictures of them at some point. Keep your eyes open and look out for them - I want to know what you think!)

We visited the town around until the cold was too much for all of us. So we ended up in an amazing local Spa relaxing in the hot sauna and giacuzzi!!! So funny. Also, as my friend Martina goes there quite often, we got a discount on the entry!

Then we went to a pizzeria about 10 o'clock at night, but we were not sure if we would be able to eat dinner as it was so late... But we did and the pizza was one of the best I ever ate! (I still like yours best MUM ♥ ) It was called Biancaneve, and it has Buffalo mozzarella, cream and bits of ham. No tomato, no spices. just a simple white pizza. Adorable...

The rest of the time we watched my mum baking biscuits and bread, getting all ready for Christmas!

Our journey back was very magical and stunning. It was snowing all the way from Milan to Paris and it was like beeing in the Polar Express!!!
The guard in this train was also lovely, in the morning it gave us tea and fresh cornetti brioche and orange juice. It also gave us a map of Paris and gave us directions of how to get to Paris North via public transports. Unfortunately, that day there was also a strike!!!

(On this note - can I share I thought?! I really think that people that are not happy about their work situation should change job rather then sit there and complain about their work situation and expect their leaders to take a decision for them. I have been in many stikes in Italy with the studient organization to support workers that were layd off work, and from my experience, I have come to the conclusion that strikes really do not help. Sadly, governaments and corporation don't care about the individuals and will never change their greedy ways. If you are treated unfair, do not stay in that job! )

So we could not take the metro and we had to take another taxi. The taxi men asked us whee we were directed and when we sayd Lndon via Eurostar he told us about the problems in the eurosta channe tunnel! We could not belive it. Stuck in Paris again?! When we got to Paris North it was absolute chaos. We learned that train were not running for at least 2 days and we decided to get out of there as quick as possible!!! The only problem was... HOW? Plains were not flying, Ferries were not leaving, trins were all cancelled. Luckely, my brave boyfriend is a great geographer and knew just what to do. I got a map of France from the station book store. then found the name of other ports that ran ferries to England. Then, called his sister Vicki and Mum Angie and got them looking and booking at the last available tickets form Le Havre. 2 tickets left!!! and only 4 hours to get there... oh my God! Another challange! We found a train to Le Havre, except this was also from another station, reachable only via taxi...again!!! jumped on the taxi, then crabbed some very expesive tickets at the ticket office (there was a massive queue but luckely these two very kind souls lets us go at the front and so we just managed to get on the train just in time. Bless them!)

We finnally made it to the post and the ferrie, and after all we had an amazing 4 hours journey. Althought we were so tired, we had this view:

beautiful ...

So we managed to get to Frosty England and then at home late that night in our cold but very cozy flat, with a record of a 30 hours journey from Castelfranco to Dorking...

In the mornig I was all wrapped up ready to go to work, and by Sunday evening I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open!

Now my dear darling I have to go to sleep, really...
Please forgive any spelling mistake, I'm so so tired! (And also, not very good in english.)
Lots of love and Christmas wishes,


02 December 2009

Fairy Bear Writing Set + Personalized Note Cards

Hello my darlings!
How are you? I hope wonderful. I'm sitting buy the fire, watching Back to the Future I ! I love it! It reminds me of my childhood so much! I also found the most romantic song of all time:

The Penguins - Earth Angel (will you be mine) - 1954
Which is the song scoring the the High School Ball Dance scene in Back to the Future!
Isn't it just SO cute? I could listen to it for ages!!!

Right... back to illustration and shop...
I have this cutie in the shop now:

oh yes... it's little flying fairy bear and fairy butterfly Writing Set!

They are both just so cute. I'm so happy to have the in the shop!
I have also added New Personalized notecards in the shop:

These are individually designed and then printed on recycled smooth card, and pretty packaged up in biodegradable cello bag.


All right, it's all for today, have a good night sleep.
See you very very soon!
Fondly, Giulia

01 December 2009

Is Raining Love - Thank You Cards

Hello my darlings! How are you?
I hope the sun is shining for you today. I have a beautiful surprise...
Remember this cutie?

Is Raining Love, watercolor by Giulia Mauri

Well... it's now in the shop as I anticipated a couple of weeks ego!

Yes. Is raining love has taken the shape of this cute Thank you card. Althought I am planning to do also a set of writing sets as well! All matching of course!

I'm totally in love with the back of the card as well:, it's so sweet. I have already given a few away myself to thank my family and friends for the lovely Birthday presents, and they all loved it!

Yesterday I went to town especially to visit the new age store Mystery Mountain which I only recently found out about. It's a lovely place to go, lots of things to see and get inspired...

I bought some love tea by pukka, (delicious!) and this gorgeous scented candle made with organic plant wax, which is now sitting on my table, and smell amazing even if I have not burned it yet!

I bought two totem stones handpainted by native Americans, one for me with the dolphin for guidance and one for Jason with the ram for strength. They are the sweetest little thing, small and perfect to carry around in my packet at all times.

But most importantly, I bought the most amazing crystal in the whole wide world:

It's a giant minaral! Absolutely amazing... and so so sparkly, pretty and powerful!

I washed it with cold water as soon as I got home and put it in front of the fireplace to charge it with energy.

Now is all happy sitting by the window in sun light...
I love it, I love it, I love it!

More letter sets and cards are coming soon into the shop, so please visit often and subscribe to twitter so you won't miss all the shop updates!

Lots of love,

30 November 2009

New Personalized Writing Sets

Hello my dears!!!
How are you? I've been missing writing in the blog so much. But I've been so busy lately that I hardly had time to sid down and write. So now I have so much to tell and share...

First of all, very exciting news:
New Personalized writing sets are now available in the shop!

Aren't they just so cute?
I'm so excited about them!

These letter sets feature one of my illustration, the fairy bear, and is printed on white high quality recycled paper and comes with matching envelopes.

You can find these just here...
I also made these adorable notecards which you can also find in the shop.

This week I have also added new Message in the Bottle in the shop, super cute:
these are only 2 cm tall and 1 cm ∅ diameter!

You can find this cutie here!

How was your week end? Mine was really nice. We went to Sussex to visit Jason's Grandma for her 83rd Birthday! We celebrated all together with a massive dinner at the local pub in Battle (charming old fashion english village).

Paul (Jason's dad) took this picture of me and immortalized me in the moment when they served me my vegetarian Lasagne, garlic bread and salad... can't you tell I'm happy?!

I look like a little girl so happy about her meal! Such a great picture!!! I'm so happy to treasure it in my blog as it really shows a part of my personality. This pub was lovely, and had a view across the miles of green hills and streams of water (especially this time of the year!) of Sussex. I'd love to go back!

Went it got dark we went to the town centre were the Abbey is and saw Father Christmas switching the Christmas lights on! It's a tradition in Battle, and we go to see him every year.
In the evening we had a Birthday tea with sandwiches, tunnex and choccolate cake... and sang carols all together, Grandma was playing the piano and the rest of us was singing. So nice.

Yesterday I ordered this book, Eating in the Light, written by Doreen Virtue and Becky Prelitz.

I've been thinking about cswitching to vegetarianism for a little while now, and I'm sure this book will help me to decide what to do and how to do it. I love Doreen Virtue and all her books always help me to find the way! I hope it will arrive soon in the mail so I can tell you more about it.

Well. I'm going into town in a few minutes. Jason told me that they opened a new fairy store in town and I really want to visit it. It's always inpiring, sparkly and cute...
Must go. See you later sweety pies!!!

p.s.: Thank you so much to Emjie for the sweet comment left for me. You are adorable!

13 November 2009

November: Birthday Month!

Hello Sweet Little Pies!
How are you all? These past few weeks I have been so busy that I hardly had time to write. I must updated you will all my lastest news...

So... on November the 9th it was my mummy's birthday! And I sent her a box full of goodies and presents. for her to open on her special day. Since she love writing so much, I made this personalized stationary set for her:

Is a set completed with Letter Sheets and Notecards and envelopes, designed by me and rinted on Recycled white paper, a wrapped up in biodegradable sleeve.

She loved it! Even if I didn't see her, we spoke at the phone and she told me all about her day and the lovely birthday cake, which was an amazing Ricotta Strudel my favorite cake in the whole wide word! (See recipe for Strudel here).

And so a few days later, it was my Birthday, on the 11th of November.
- By the way: a special thank you to Sarah, Matt, Emily, Gloria, Patrizia, Rose and Manuel who sent me lovely Birthday wishes messages! You are the sweetest!!! -
I have been spoiled from family and friends with messages, cards and presents all day long! It was amazing!!! In the morning I open Jason's presents:

Not one, but two beautiful jumpers: A white one and a grey one (I absolutetly adore the white one with pearls on it... it's so soft, cozy, pretty!!!) a pretty leather belt and... Doreen Virtue's newest book, Miracles of Archangel Micheal! Jason also made me a personalized large card with a picture of the baby dolphin we saw together this summer which meaant so much to me!
Nan bought me a lovely denim skirt and a goegeous steinless steal strainer with fine mesh to make my rice milk (how thoughtful - I was looking for one like that for ages and I could not find it!). My friend Jackie bought me a pair of turquoise gloves, a lovely picture of me, and the beautiful Notebook the most romantic movie of ALL time, which by the way, I'm watching again right now for the second time in 4 days!!!

I love Allie and Noah in the movie, they are amazing actors. Noah looks amazing in the second part of the film, when he has a long beard. I love Allie smiles and pretty 40's dresses - she is lovely.

I went to work to find the sweetes surprise: my colleagues got me a cupcake with a birthday candle on it, so I had my first Birthday wishes early in the day! They also gave me some handmade truffles too (They are lovely...I only 6 left in the bag!)

In the evening we drove to Linconshere at my Sister in Law's, and we had lovely birthday celebrations that lasted all week end! When I arrived I found this lovely Mini Panettone with a candle ready for my second wish of the day...

Isn't this just so thoughtful? Panettone was delicious by the way... :)
We watched Step Brothers all together, and it's the funniest movie ever!
(We rented it at the local retal store, and the irony is that later on we saw it at the supermarket for only £3!)
I love Will Ferrel and all of his movies. (Another very cool film to watch when you need a good laughter is Blades of Glory) On Friday Jason's parents also joined us and we had a Birthday party on Saturday with lovely food, cakes and even more presents! How lucky!

This was my amazing Birthday Lunch: Jacket Potato filled with Brie, salad (my favorite food of all) crips, cus cus, potato salad, pasta, homemade bread...
This was my pudding cake: profiterol. The were delicious. My mum used to make profiterol on my birthdays when I was little. So this cake kind of reminded me of my childhood and bringed (?) back memories. I used to eat lots of them, stuff them all in my mouth and them enjoy the soft double filling inside them!!!

But now, can you believe it? The profiterol that you see right at the top, with the candle on it: it didn't have any filling! Now can you believe it? Doesn't it look as if it is the tastier of all of them. Well, now to me, this was a message to treasure.
Never judge a book (or in this case a profiterol) by it's cover!
It's a great message and piece of wisdom donated to me on my Birthday. I hope I shall never forget it.

Angie and Paul bought me a beautiful silver locket with a picture of Jason and I - so 17th century, romantic and simply gorgeous. They included two necklaces, a long one and a short one so I can wear it with any top I want! How sweet of them. I also received some handmade beeswax tealights - which are incredibly difficult to find! But now that I have them, I don't want to burn them! The look so pretty and smell amazing too!)
Vicki and Luke bought me a beautiful wooden sign to put up in my studio that says:

We create our tomorrow by what we dream today

the sign has lovely shades of pink, butterflies and pretty trims all around it, so as you can imagine, is already up in the room and I'm looking at it right now! Vicki knows how much I love fairy tales, dream like and inspiring movies, and she got me the dvd The Little Princess. I watched it last night as I was wrapping up orders for my shop and it was so lovely! The little girl in the film is such an example for all of us. So caring, sweet tempered, and able to keep her dreams alive and most of all believe in magic! I recommend it to all. Even Jason loved it!

Now I shall go and eat some dinner...
But I will catch you u soon, as I have exciting news about my shop and snaps or working in progress to share with you. See you soon,
Lots of love,

Giulia, the Birthday girl xxx

05 November 2009

Do It Yourself Tutorial: Toffee Apples

Hello my darlings autumn fairies,
how are you all?! I hope very well and ready for another seasonal recipe tutorial!

During our Halloween celebrations we made some toffee apples to enjoy while watching the scary The Haunting in Connecticut! Oh my dears, it was so terrifying!!! I covered my eyes most of the times and at night I kept awakening to see if some ghosts were around me...!

This is the Toffee Tutorial I made for you, I hope you will enjoy it!

4 Organic Apples, washed
225 gr of Organic Brown Sugar

110 ml of Water

1 Teaspoon of Vinegar
25 gr of Butter

a) Take a wooden skewer and push it through each apple. I didn't have any wooden skewer so I used forks!!!
{But please don't uses forks if you are giving these apples to children}.

Is best not to peel the apples. We tried both pealed and un-pealed and the un-pealed apples where definitely more crunchy and more tasty!

b)Place a saucepan on high heat, add the sugar and the water. Allow the sugar to dissolve. When it boils, add the vinegar and the butter and cook for about 7 minutes.

c) Coat each apple in the caramel and place it in a tray to cool

d) Enjoy while watching a movie with your friends.

Have fun
much love,

02 November 2009

Wonderful Speach to Change the World

Today I saw this video and I loved it so much that I want to share it with all of you, lovely people!

I hope this inspires you.

31 October 2009