30 June 2008

Cd Cover for Pilgrim Angry Part II

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today want to share with yo some pictures about my cd cover project...

This is an acrylic on canvas - I used a very watery colour for the clouds - to create a deep contrast between the mass of matter, the physical world and the sky.

Then I tryed different type of font

It's amazing how the font alone can change the image itself!

The Band is currently working on their song for this album. I had the pleasure of listening some of the working in progress tracks of this New album and I think they are great!
I shall buy the cd myself when is published!


26 June 2008

Perfect Shells ?

Hi Guys!

Hope you are all well...
Im great! Spending lovely time here at the seaside.
Is so nice to wake up early, have an italian breakfast (capuccino and brioche with cream - freshly baked) and then walk to the beach...

This morning it was just me and the Sea... I was waking in the beach stopping often to collect small irregular or faided coloured shells. And this got me thinking.

Of all of those shops who sell industrial shells, as I call them...
Perfect in their size, colour and shape, all from far-away ocens. SO CHEAP. And they are actually, just a Shell, with no meaning behind... no memories.

They remain in those perfect rounded baskets, plastic to hold them tight...

And then, after that, they lay in people's lounges and bathrooms, on Ikeas plates. At times mixed with pout pourry that smells of chemicals...


I'd rather pick mine - give them to my friends as presents, make scuptures, necklaces, key holders...

Leave your thoughts here...


22 June 2008

Handpainted Cards

Hi Guys!

Have a look at my handpainted super cool notecards!
This is a set of 5 one sided notecards made of recycled paper and has matching envelopes.

They have been individually painted with "Hello","Hi!!", "Love", "Yay!" along with some cute little drawing... quite singolar and unique!

Each of the notecard and envelopes also has a back side a detail of my personal "handmade" stamp.

They are packaged up with cellophane sleeve & sealer, both compostable, that you can easily biodegrade in your little backyard compost.

If you like them, you can find them here, and you can also add them to your favorites!

Tonight is on telly there is Italy and Spain, so, I must be off!
I'm not a huge football fan but I enjoy watching the international matches, especially if Italy is playing!


19 June 2008

Give me some Love!

Hi my darlings!

Would like to share with you my new LOVE range of

Handpainted Recycled Paper Writing Sets!

The set is packaged up with natural red raffia and a gift tag, blank in one side, perfect even for a romantic gift to your special someone!

This is a set of 5 recycled paper handpainted LOVE notecard and matching envelopes...

One sided notecards are made of recycled paper with natural flecks of grass. They have been individually painted with a "Love" theme along with a little drawing of a love letter... very romantic.

All the materials are made in England and bought as locally as possible to reduce carbon emission.

Find them here.

And finally, my special Message in the Bottle, a product designed for very special individual gifts for your loved ones.

You decide the secret message and I will write it with calligraphy and place it in the cutest bottle ever! The bottle measurements are 3 cm (1.5 cm ∅) and I can fit a 30 characters message (10 cm long and 1,3 cm high).

It comes in a little recycled paper jewellery box with a red raffia ribbon, with a coordinated gift tag to go with it.

You can find it here!

Have a LOVELY week end


18 June 2008

From Italy with Love

Dearest Lovelies...

I hope you are all well!
I'm sorry not to have posted much lately.
This have been the busiest two weeks ever!

Lots of work for my shop which is finally up running online!

I'm so excited by the whole thing.
I getting lots of good feedback by friends and family, and I'm full of hope for the future...

The shop has been open for a week, and already got 2 sales! This can't be bad :)

The good thing is that I feel I have so many more ideas and improvement, and my head is always on it.

I've set up a new Card Tree group on facebook

If you join you will also able to write on The Wall, take part on the Forum discussion, and you will recive an monthy e-mail news letter with updates on my shop, events, sales and give-away!

I'll see you there


15 June 2008

New Round Table

Hi Everyone!
I've got a new table! Bought it the other day in the charity shop for only 35£. I think it's lovely...
Now I want to use it to dine as well as working.

Paintend some more grociery bags, come and have a look at www.TheCardTree.etsy.com !

11 June 2008


Hi Everyone...
I'm pleased to annouce that:

Come and visit, lots of exciting ECO FRIENDLY products to look at, lots of good gifts for friends and family below £ 8!!!

Lots of Love

08 June 2008

Opening Announcement!

Hi People!

I'm pleased to announce that...


Come and visit on your coffee break at: www.TheCardTree.etsy.com

06 June 2008

Save the Sea

Hi Everyone!
hope you are all well...
I'm so busy lately with jobs around and haven't really had much time to write...
But I just want to share with you my todays creation, which is this Save the Sea grocery bag.

You like it?
Let me know as I'm planning of doing a few more!

Is made of certified organic and fairtrade cotton. The bag it's not bright white as in unbleached cotton. Very nice!
I hope to post more in the next few days, and also to open The Card Tree!

Lots of love


04 June 2008

Dream Catcher

Hi Everyone!

Have a look to my latest creation...!

It took me absolutly ages to do it... but it has been totally worth it!
It's made out natural branches, rafia, feathers and shells...

I carefully stitched the rafia all inside the branch wreath, then added a beautiful shell in the middle.

This shell comes from Italy. I picked it on the beach of Punta Sabbioni, near Venice!

One of the feathers has got lovely shade of blue-green...

I think it looks nice by a window, as the wind can move it around and it's so nice to look at it!
It's already in the shop!


03 June 2008

NEW: The Card Tree Stickers!

Hi my darlings.

Here were I was has been raining all day long... very depressing.

I really needed something to bright my day up... and here there is!

The New Card Tree Stickers!!!

What do you think?
I think they look gorgeous on the cards packaging and I'm so exicited!

I'm working on more packaging surprises which I'm looking foward telling you about...
I love packaging. I spend hours planning for packaging solutions!

When you buy something for The Card Tree, you are sure that the item is well packeged and well presented.
You also get a Certificate of Authenticity along with the item, which you should always keep, in case you are going to sell the item in a few years time.
Remember that the value of Art pieces is in costant growth!!!

The Packaging of my products are like the letters that I send.
My friends told me that they never throw away the envelopes,
they say that there is as much art there as in the letter itself!

That's why when I make cards myself I always put a little handmade detail at the back of each envelope.
This takes absolutly ages, but I love to do it and people appreciate that extra effort.


02 June 2008

Sketchbook into Cards...

Hi Everyone...
Remember my old sketchbook that I was telling you about?

Well, one of those design it's NOW a card as well!

A collection of 4 limited edition, beautiful and unique postcards with elegant envelope come in its biodegable packaging as usual.

This Item will soon be posted on The Card Tree for you.

Have a look...