20 November 2008

Update ready for you!

Hello my dears!

In the last week I've been working very much on the shop update, and now is almost ready for you!
Go and visit, tell me what you think!

I really like it, looks very seasonal and wintery.
There are different types of Christmas cards already avaible, and they are so cute!
This is one of the watercolor I've used:

Let it Snow

it's so sweet isn'it?!
I'd like to call her Hazel, as this is my favorite name but I'm not sure yet. Do you think she look like Hazel?

Well, about the shop I'm so very proud that I finally reached a listing of 40 items!
My next goal will be 80!

I can't really wait to give to everyone more choice with every occasion cards, Birthdays, annyversary, new baby etc...!

I'm also planning on developing more new exciting products like gift rap recycled paper (stamped with potato stamp!), gift tags and stickers!
I prepared some small watercolor for the stickers already, but now I have to find a supplyer.It's really hard to find eco friendly round printable labels. (if you hear or see anything, give me a shout!)

In the next update there will also be a beautiful recycled paper stationary set that will contain:
-letter paper,
and the theme of the set will be my Card Tree watercolor.

Apart from this lovely news about the shop and the future works, last night it was the most horrible night in my life. Perhaps some of you won't belive this, but you don't have to read it if you don't want to.
This happen around 5am. I woke up after dreaming about my shop and I was layd on my back. I switched position on the side to carry on sleeping. Right in that moment, I heard a voice of an old woman wispering at me "Yes, that's ok", and breathing heavily on my neck.
My whole body went cold, I was very scared as the breath of this presence carryed on... The second seems to last hours! I was sweating cold and suddently I was hot and needed to get out of the duvet. But I didn't have the curage to expose myself, or to turn around to see who was behind me! This presence obviously knew that I was awake, otherwise why talking to me like that?! And what did those words meaning?
I'm thinking perhaps this lady wanted to assure me about my worrying towards myshop, but why? And if it was a positive presence why was I so afraid?
After about 30 seconds of beeing there, the presence left, but I could not sleep for the rest of the night.
Have you had something like this happening to you?


  1. wow.. that presence story is scary!!!!
    che cosa strana. anche a me a volte capita di avere la sensazione di non essere da sola in una stanza o di sognare cose che poi in un modo o in un altro si avverano! Queste cose lasciano spesso un velo di "timore" perchè sei sempre lì a chiederti: -ma ci devo credere, o è la mia fantasia-
    ps.. I think hazel is a great name!!! :)

  2. ooh! That's so spooky! Your new cards are so lovely! I hope you have a very successful christmas season and everything in your shop sells!


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