26 November 2008

Reindeer Christmas Cards

Hello Hello!

Have you bought your Christmas cards already?
I hope not because I just completed the Reindeer stationary gift set!!

Is awesome!
Beautifully decorated with 5 cute reindeer, made with 100% recycled paper!

The gift set contains 5 letter sheets, 3 greetings cards and 8 envelopes.
Comes wrapped up with biodegradable sleeve.

The Reideer collection is also available in set of cards!

The set includes 5 cards and 5 envelopes.
And you can also purchase single cards here!

So exciting!

In the shop by this evening!



  1. they are beautiful giulia!

  2. Ciao!
    queste cards sono davvero carine!
    bello anche il post precedente con tutte le fasi del tuo dipinto.. :)
    adesso vado a sbirciare nel tuo negozietto...

  3. Guila, just found you blog, and I love it! so colorful and pretty.I also like the fact you sell everything eco friendly, very clever indeed! Im off to see your shop on etsy, i shall heart it! be back again xxx


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