23 November 2008

The Card Tree in the Fall

Hello my dears!
Just wanted to share with you my lastes painting of The Card Tree in his autumn coat!

Do you like it? I love it!
There are still some final tuches that I want to do, like the little hearts on the letters that lay on the grass with the leaves...

I'm also planning of portrait The Card Tree it in the winter as well! Perhaps arrange a meeting between lovely Hazel and The Card Tree in a Winter Wonderland!
But I have to wait for some snow to come along though!

Stay tuned, I'll let you know about that one...

Yesterday I recived a very plesent surprise!
My dear friend Rebecka sent me the most beautiful Birthday present!

It's a blue Quill to write all my letters and practice with my calligraphy...
Love it!
I'm such a lucky girl.

I have set up some advertising with Project Wonderful! There are plently of free spaces for $ 0.00! I'd love to have them full with Etsians. So if you are interested to advertise your business for free, click on the icons and it will take you directly to Project Wonderful web site.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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