09 November 2008

Birthday Time

It's Birthday time!
Today is my mum's Birthday!

Have prepared for her some lovely surprises!

First: I'm flying to Italy to see her! There is nothing better then spend some time together.
Second: I have designed a special Birthday card for her! It's so sweet!
Third: Have made her this lovely present...

It's a shopping tote bag made with Organic and Fairtrade cotton, beautifully painted with her favorite animal, the dolphin!

The bag also say Salva il mare which means Save the Sea.
I know she will love it.

Before wrapping it all up nicely I have also put three other presents inside (those are wrapped up too), such as:
a No°7 Mascara, (Absolutely Gorgeous!) Lovely Eye liner pencil (green-blue to mach with her eyes), Colorful fruty labels (to use on her homemade creations like jam and marmalade)

It is also Birthday time for me soon! I'm so excited, can't wait! Is going to be in 2 days time! Hooray! So nice to celebrate the date of your birth. isn't?

I shall be back in England by then, and of course we are waken up early just to make a Full English Breakfast and open all my birthday presents. (I really dislike waiting all day for my presents when you have the opportunity to have them early and enjoy them all day long!)

On the 11th friends and family are going to be busy so I will spend the day working with my art... I would really like to draw with my new watercolor pencils lots of beautiful seasonal scenes for my Winter in the shop (coming soon on the 20th!)!

I shall indeed have a proper Birthday Tea with Jason on the week end.
I do hope that the weather is going to be seasonal wintery and cold, so we can enjoy our dinner in front of the fireplace!



  1. happy birthday cinzia

  2. Happy Birthday...
    bellissimo il disegno del delfino!

  3. How sweet to give a shout-out to your Mom on your blog for her Birthday! And the presents you made her are just adorable! My Mom doesn't ever take the time to check out my blog haha!


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