31 October 2008

Halloween Special - Do It Yourself Tutorial: Pumking Gnocchi

What better why to celebrate the Autumn season then cooking Pumking gnocchi?

Gnocchi di zucca is a tipycal italian dish, very yummy!

You've got to try it out!

All you need:

- 500 gr Pumking

- 100 gr Flour

- 50 gr Parmiggiano Reggiano cheese

- 10 Sage leaves

- 80 gr Butter

-1 egg

Serves 4 (0r 2, depending on dish size!)

Peal and clean the pumking, cook it in the avon at 160° for 25 min.
Then mash the cooked pumking.

Add the flour, the egg, the cheese & seasoning.
Mash it all up very well - add four to make the gnocchi dough if it appears a little runny.

Boil the water, add a spon of sea salt.
Meanwhile, in a large frying pan melt the butter and add some sage leaves (save a couple of leaves for the plates).

{You can also try with dried mashroom and butter!}

When the water is ready, make some gnocchi with the dough using two teaspoons and throw the directly into the water, one by one.
When the gnocchi comes up to the surfice it means they are ready!
Test one before cooking them all. Sometimes if they are a little too soft you just need to add more flour to the dough. When they are ready put them in the frying pan and allow to rest for 30 sec-1 minute.
Serve with more Parmiggiano Reggiano and a sage leaf.

Buon appetito!

30 October 2008

Happy Halloween

Hello Hello!

Hope you are all well and ready for Halloween!

We are having lots of fun carving our punkings latetly!

Vicki carved this one yesterday, isn't gorgeous?! I think it looks so sweet!

Tomorrow night will be punking gnocchi...yummy!

A very Happy Halloween!

16 October 2008

Autumn Shop Update!

Hello my dears!

I've got news for you...
There will be an amazing Shop Update next week!

I'm so excited!
Lots of new sets of eco friendly cards, writing sets, postcards, message in the bottle.

Hooray for nature!

See you there
on the 24th October, 5 pm (GTM)

13 October 2008

The Card Tree on Facebook!

Dear my lovelies!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments
regarding my new sets of cards!
I really appreciate each of them...

I've got something for you today!
If you are familiar with facebook
why not:

Giulia's supporting group is a lovely way to get involved in The Card Tree world!

Participating to the seasonal events, the internet forum, visit all the relevant links
& to see all The Card Tree pictures!

You will also receive a quarterly short news letter about the shop updates, seasonal sale and special discounts.

Hope to see you there!



09 October 2008

My favorite place in town ~ the Caffé Rouge

Voilà ici !
Celle-ci est ma place préférée en pays…
Il est un' atmosphère unique et me plaît m'arrêter ici pour me boire une tasse de té en regardant hors des fenêtres.

juste comme Edgar Allan poe et Benjamin après leur convalescence*
Ne te trouves pas même que soit superbe ?

p.s.: Excusées si j'écris en français, mais sapete… faut sont dans craint !

08 October 2008

Thank You Cards

My dears, my dears! Hello!

I have more juicy news from The Card Tree!

Today I created some beautiful sets of Thank You cards!

They are made of 100% recycled paper, ribbed brown, blank backed, so so lovely...

I also made this recycled paper box to put them and I think they look gorgeous in it!

Each packet contains 10 postcards, and the box can be reused over and over to put nice things in
(like cards from your friends, stickes, a little notebook...etc.)

You can find them right here!


07 October 2008

New Custom Writing Set

Hello my Lovelies...!

Another beautiful item is added to The Card Tree Autumn collection,
that is: I made one Writing Set of this kind for Carla, from the Cat Productions, as a present last week:

Is very sweet...
I put her name & a little cat next to it in the upper right corner of each sheet of paper.
I also wrote her address on each envelope so is all ready to go!

Carla recived the writing set yesterday (after only 6 days! hooray for the mail!) and sent me a lovely thank you message.
I'm so delighetd that the gift was appreciated!

If you like this set you can find it right here!


Take Care

06 October 2008

New Custom Cards!

Happy Autumn my Dears!

Today I'm delighted to introduce at The Card Tree:

Handmade, 100% Eco Friendly & Gorgeous!

Perfect as present and for your special corrispondence...

The set of 5 cards and matching envelopes comes all wrapt up really nicely in a brow recycled paper bag and raffia bow!

You can find them right here!

03 October 2008

Birdcages Paintings

Hello my Dears.
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Here for you to look at, some some pictures of my lastest work about Birdcages.
Have a good look and let me know you thoughts!

Caged bird, Ink on paper

Vintage Birdcage, ink on paper

Birdcage of the new born, Ink on paper
This is a egg birdcage, very odd indeed...

I'm not a fairy, Ink on paper

This is a little girl dressed up as a fairy, and someone put it the cage!
Poor little thing.

It's all for now, but I have lots coming up soon, including the october SHOP UPDATE!