12 September 2008

When It Stops Raining

Hello people!

Thank you so much for all your messages you have left in my last post.
You are so sweet! I love reciving comments.
So, this flower is for you to say THANK YOU!

Today is such a glorius day. The sun is up, the birds are singing, everything is green...
is just so lovely!

Of course the reason why is so green is because it has rain so much!
But no matter. I'm not one of those people who gets incredibly upset about the bad weather...
What's the point?! Yes you can be a little depressed, but at the end,
if it rains it means that it has to rain; if is sunny, it means it should be sunny for what ever reason...

So I took the oppurtunity of the nice day to go for a long walk across Demby's vineyard, to have a look at the view and their kitchen shops (I'm not that interested in wine, unless is Sangue di Giuda, Asti Cinzano or White Martini). Then all the way to town to do some shopping about 4 miles away.

It was a while that I didn't walk that far and now my legs really hurt!
But it was fun, and it's good for me. And I had Pearl Jam keeping me company!

Took some pictures of the view from my studio, they are very nice and I' like to share them with you.View over the Butterfly Garden

View of the Lodge, a lovely little cottage-house

View from my eye.
I love this picture...very cool.

When I look at nature like this, and see its beauty, I stongly feel like I want to preserve this it.
It is something that we can all do, just applying small changing in our lifes.
We all know what I'm taking about...
  • REDUCE! This is the most important one: even before thinking about recycling you have to think about reducing the waste that you are going to produce.
Try to choose always organic foods (they haven't use as many chemicals as in other foods, chemicals that will then will pass on in the envirovment and the water we are drinking).
Try to choose eco-friendly products, that were created respecting nature and won't harm it when you have to dispose them (almost everything you buy will be disposed at one point).

Try to save the precious resources we have. For example: do you really need that light on? If yes, why not replace it with a saving energy light bulb?!
  • REUSE! For example: take your own bags to go shopping. Not only you are saving plastic that is going to end up in a hole in the ground but material bags are a lot stronger and easyer to carry.
  • RECYCLE! These days you can pretty much recycle everything!
    The big problem here (at least for England) is that the company that collect recyble material won't accept everything that is recyclable: like tetrapack, PP plastic, tin foil and so on. So what can you do?
Well, this is what we do. We collect all the materials that the company won't accept, then once a month we drive to the local RECYCLE POINT and we dispose all the materials.
I know it takes effort and time but isn't this totally whorth it?!
Think about it!

On this matter I can advise you a great book.

Go make a difference

The thing I like the most of this book is that is divided in section like house hold, office, ecc.
Gives tips of how to be more green and contains very usefull referces to other eco-buisiness that you can contact, maily via internet.
Very good indeed.

Love it. Love it.

x have a good Green day x


  1. Love your pictures of the view from your studio. I am a recycler. I have recycled aluminum cans for years. At times, the money has come in handy. It means driving them to a recycling center, but I take them when I am going that way.

    All my plastic bags are reused. I take them to outdoor craft shows as bags. I sometimes take them back to the store where I get them, as they have a recycling box there for bags.

    I generally make gifts from all the glass jars.

    I reuse bubble wrap and bubble mailers (if they are still usable).

    I figure if everyone does a little that will equal a lot!

    I found your blog on etsy. That's where you'll find me

  2. What a wonderful blog, and your etsy shop is great, too! I love reading blogs by people who love recycling like I do!

  3. Hello Guys!
    Go and visit this blog, is awsome!


    all about creating stuff with recycled materials.


  4. Great post and the pics are beautiful! On my way to check out your shop...

  5. Bonjour Giulia! Nice meeting you and thanks for visiting my blog! We do recycle everything we can here in Southern Quebec and have been composting since 1984. We use a lot of recycled material for art too, as you can see on my blog! Take care and please join my "great people who follow my group" list on my blog. It makes it so easy to see each other's updates and creates a nice little community! Take care, LuLu

  6. Jolie oeil...est ce que le reste est aussi croquant ?


  7. Im so jealous of your studio view - magnificent! And some very wise words on reducing and recycling. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am envious of your view!!! Great tips, I am going to check out that book!



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