17 September 2008


Hello Dear Readers!
Thank you for visiting!
Hope you are all well and you are having a good week.

I'm really excited for mail these days.
Last week I have ordered some cute letters stamps from Etsy which I can't wait to recive...

And today I ordered some Wolven Labels for my
Fairtrade & Organic Cotton Bags!

Also I'm thinking about doing some New Recycled Paper Buisiness cards from moo.com!
I love buying stuff from these cool web sites.

This morning I have also harvested the our onions and our potatos from the vegetable patch.
They are so big and beautiful!

I placed them on the window seal to dry &
I think that tomorrow is going to be baked potatoes for dinner!

Harvesting FEELS good!
Suddenly you realize that all the effort that you put into something always comes back to you,
in a much more greater way... nice.

I shall post more artistic stuff in the next few days.
Keep visiting!



  1. Che bello il tuo raccolto di patate! E che bella vista verde!!Anch'io pensavo di farmi dei bigliettini da visita da MOO.com! ce li ha una mia amica e sono troppo carini!

  2. Bonjour Giulia! I so understand your garden harvesting delight! I am a gardener too and we pick up the ripe pumpkins and the blue peruvian potatoes yesterday afternoon... Your pictures are lovely! Take care, LuLu

  3. What a beaufiful yard you have . . .all that green, green grass. And so much space! Space to let your eyes rest . . . beaufiful!


  4. very nice blog!

    molto bello!

    Wish you the best!

  5. Hi.... I just went through the first post.... I totally understand the excitement of gardening and then waiting for the harvest. We used to do so much of it back home... Here in Hawaii, we live in a cubbyhole of an apartment :), so I miss it all :(

  6. What shall we plant next year? I recon you can't go wrong with potatoes and onions, maybe some more squash or pumpkins. LOL xxx


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