22 September 2008


Hello Hello!
I'm so happy today, there is so much to say!

Today I recived the alphabeth stamps that I ordered in Etsy .

They are so lovely!
So small and cute... so small that you can pop them in your purse bag and take anywere you want anytime you like!

Also I've been working for on my birdcage paitings. As soon as they are finished I will post them for you to have a good look...

I have this absession about birdcages at the moment...!
And yesterday at a local Sunday antique market I have found and bought this old news paper:

Which contains these two pictures of pantings by the artsist A.J.Woolmer.

From left to right: Disappontement and Hope

The first thing you see is the lady at the front right?
But then if you look carefully, you can see the birdcage on the right upper side of the painting!

I just love it so much... I think I will frame it.

I recived 2 email from Etsians bloggers asking me if they could feature me in their blog!!!
I can't belive it! I'm so delighted!


Interviews will be published in the next few days...
Right here!
at Hyla's blog & Carla's blog.

They both have some very lovely Etsy shops, be sure to visit them!

Lots more coming soon.
Take care and keep visiting!

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