29 September 2008


Hello my lovelies!

This is my latest purchase on Etsy!

It's a lovely rusty birdcage,
Real tiny, only cm 3.5!
So cute. Is killing me!
I bought it in the beautiful Covet and Crave shop!

I just adore it!
I have a whole series of birdcages paintings and ink drawings that I've been working on in the last week. I can't wait to post the pictures! Perhaps tomorrow.
Be patient..
There is a lot going on at the Artist studio...!

At the moment I'm also working on the New Autumn & Winter and collection of cards and writing sets, avaible in my shop this October!!!

A shop Update will follow. Shall keep you super-duper-updated.

Poppy the cat is here right now to keep me company...

She is the sweetest. I will miss her when she goes...

Giulia and Poppy


  1. che carina!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ma quanto piccola è questa gabiettina?
    sembra minuscola! è stupenda!
    l'hai fatta tu?
    non vedo l'ora di vedere cosa ci fai.. :)
    e anche di vedere altre foto di Poppy!
    a presto!

  2. I love the little birdcage. It is a sweet little thing.

  3. you right, she is so damn cute! love this picture...


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