29 September 2008


Hello my lovelies!

This is my latest purchase on Etsy!

It's a lovely rusty birdcage,
Real tiny, only cm 3.5!
So cute. Is killing me!
I bought it in the beautiful Covet and Crave shop!

I just adore it!
I have a whole series of birdcages paintings and ink drawings that I've been working on in the last week. I can't wait to post the pictures! Perhaps tomorrow.
Be patient..
There is a lot going on at the Artist studio...!

At the moment I'm also working on the New Autumn & Winter and collection of cards and writing sets, avaible in my shop this October!!!

A shop Update will follow. Shall keep you super-duper-updated.

Poppy the cat is here right now to keep me company...

She is the sweetest. I will miss her when she goes...

Giulia and Poppy

28 September 2008

I'm looking after Poppy!

Hello my lovelies!

I'm so excited as this week I'm looking after my dear friend cat


She is adorable. I'm so excited as I never had a cat before.
I have to clear up my stuff and the shelfs as she goes everywhere.
She is only a puppy really, 4 month old!

Shall post some pictures of my adventure with her.


22 September 2008


Hello Hello!
I'm so happy today, there is so much to say!

Today I recived the alphabeth stamps that I ordered in Etsy .

They are so lovely!
So small and cute... so small that you can pop them in your purse bag and take anywere you want anytime you like!

Also I've been working for on my birdcage paitings. As soon as they are finished I will post them for you to have a good look...

I have this absession about birdcages at the moment...!
And yesterday at a local Sunday antique market I have found and bought this old news paper:

Which contains these two pictures of pantings by the artsist A.J.Woolmer.

From left to right: Disappontement and Hope

The first thing you see is the lady at the front right?
But then if you look carefully, you can see the birdcage on the right upper side of the painting!

I just love it so much... I think I will frame it.

I recived 2 email from Etsians bloggers asking me if they could feature me in their blog!!!
I can't belive it! I'm so delighted!


Interviews will be published in the next few days...
Right here!
at Hyla's blog & Carla's blog.

They both have some very lovely Etsy shops, be sure to visit them!

Lots more coming soon.
Take care and keep visiting!

17 September 2008


Hello Dear Readers!
Thank you for visiting!
Hope you are all well and you are having a good week.

I'm really excited for mail these days.
Last week I have ordered some cute letters stamps from Etsy which I can't wait to recive...

And today I ordered some Wolven Labels for my
Fairtrade & Organic Cotton Bags!

Also I'm thinking about doing some New Recycled Paper Buisiness cards from moo.com!
I love buying stuff from these cool web sites.

This morning I have also harvested the our onions and our potatos from the vegetable patch.
They are so big and beautiful!

I placed them on the window seal to dry &
I think that tomorrow is going to be baked potatoes for dinner!

Harvesting FEELS good!
Suddenly you realize that all the effort that you put into something always comes back to you,
in a much more greater way... nice.

I shall post more artistic stuff in the next few days.
Keep visiting!


12 September 2008

When It Stops Raining

Hello people!

Thank you so much for all your messages you have left in my last post.
You are so sweet! I love reciving comments.
So, this flower is for you to say THANK YOU!

Today is such a glorius day. The sun is up, the birds are singing, everything is green...
is just so lovely!

Of course the reason why is so green is because it has rain so much!
But no matter. I'm not one of those people who gets incredibly upset about the bad weather...
What's the point?! Yes you can be a little depressed, but at the end,
if it rains it means that it has to rain; if is sunny, it means it should be sunny for what ever reason...

So I took the oppurtunity of the nice day to go for a long walk across Demby's vineyard, to have a look at the view and their kitchen shops (I'm not that interested in wine, unless is Sangue di Giuda, Asti Cinzano or White Martini). Then all the way to town to do some shopping about 4 miles away.

It was a while that I didn't walk that far and now my legs really hurt!
But it was fun, and it's good for me. And I had Pearl Jam keeping me company!

Took some pictures of the view from my studio, they are very nice and I' like to share them with you.View over the Butterfly Garden

View of the Lodge, a lovely little cottage-house

View from my eye.
I love this picture...very cool.

When I look at nature like this, and see its beauty, I stongly feel like I want to preserve this it.
It is something that we can all do, just applying small changing in our lifes.
We all know what I'm taking about...
  • REDUCE! This is the most important one: even before thinking about recycling you have to think about reducing the waste that you are going to produce.
Try to choose always organic foods (they haven't use as many chemicals as in other foods, chemicals that will then will pass on in the envirovment and the water we are drinking).
Try to choose eco-friendly products, that were created respecting nature and won't harm it when you have to dispose them (almost everything you buy will be disposed at one point).

Try to save the precious resources we have. For example: do you really need that light on? If yes, why not replace it with a saving energy light bulb?!
  • REUSE! For example: take your own bags to go shopping. Not only you are saving plastic that is going to end up in a hole in the ground but material bags are a lot stronger and easyer to carry.
  • RECYCLE! These days you can pretty much recycle everything!
    The big problem here (at least for England) is that the company that collect recyble material won't accept everything that is recyclable: like tetrapack, PP plastic, tin foil and so on. So what can you do?
Well, this is what we do. We collect all the materials that the company won't accept, then once a month we drive to the local RECYCLE POINT and we dispose all the materials.
I know it takes effort and time but isn't this totally whorth it?!
Think about it!

On this matter I can advise you a great book.

Go make a difference

The thing I like the most of this book is that is divided in section like house hold, office, ecc.
Gives tips of how to be more green and contains very usefull referces to other eco-buisiness that you can contact, maily via internet.
Very good indeed.

Love it. Love it.

x have a good Green day x

Visit my Eco Friendly Store!

Buy Handmade

11 September 2008

NEW: I love you cards

Hello hello!

Here at the Card Tree it has been a busy day!
A new I LOVE YOU card collection is now arrived.

It's gorgeous!
A set of 5 recycled paper high quality cards with silver specks and matching envelopes.
Each of them carrys the message I love you in one of these 5 languages:

& english

je taime, ich liebe dich, ti amo, te quiero, i love you

Absolutely stunning.
If you like them too, you can find them right here!

Much Amore


10 September 2008


Hello my lovelies!

Just a short note today to let your know what's going on in the Artist studio.
Well as outside is very cloudy and rainy, I took the opportunity to relax and be a little lazy.

Yesterday had a late shift at the restorant. Feel so tired!
Spending the day drinking cups of tea and browsing around my old pictures.
I found the pictures of exhibition in Venice!
So nice to see them...

This was one of the works that I displayed at the time.

Sacre, Madonna con Bambino. Watercolor on tissue paper, 70x100cm

'till tomorrow -

08 September 2008


Hello Everyone!

hope you are all very well and had a lovely week end.

Here at the artist studio there is lots going on!
I'm working to open another shop where I will sell all my prints and art cards.

The Card Tree was getting a little busy and messy.
In this way I can separate my Art & Craft passion with my Art works.

The link is: www.giuliamauri.etsy.com

Will make an announcement when it will be officially open,
I'm so excited!


04 September 2008

Fishy fishy...

Hello my lovelies!
today worked on new gouaches like this one.
Isn't this cute?
I love him!

right. better get going. Shift at the restaurant starts in 30 min!

03 September 2008

Art for Awereness

Hello guys!
hope you are all well.

Today I recived an invitation through facebook about donating an artwork to Art for Awareness, Canada, which is looking for founds to support the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health.
I so want to do it! Such a good cause. But closing dates are between the 5th and the 10th of September... Not much time left, and I'm not sure if my work would arrive on time.

If you are interested and you live fairly close to Canada this might interest you.
I'll keep my eyes open, it looks like they have a few auction a year, so I'll take part of the next one instead!


02 September 2008

I'm on Squidoo!

Hi my lovelies...
just a short not to let you know the link for my
NEW Squidoo page...
Is lovely! Please rate it!

You can also make your own Squidoo page right here.
It's fast and easy and great way to advertise yourself or your buisiness!

If your post your Squidoo page on the comments here
I will visit it and rate it for you too!