31 August 2008

Party - Happy Birthday Jason

Hi Guys!

Yesterday we had Jason's Birthday tea...
was so nice beeing with all the family and having together such lovely food.

This is lucky boy fabulous birthday cake, home made by Jason's Mum. isn't stunning?!

It features the Stepping Stones at Box Hill (local beauty) in the winter (Jason's favorite season).
I made a painting of the Stepping Stones last year, and is now in the Juniper Hall's Dining Room.

The Menù also included:

Antipasto: olives ~ feta cheese ~ pickled onions ~ sundried tomatoes
tomato ~ basil & mozzarella
prawn sandwiches
ham sandwiches
homemade italian bread
heathy veggie with organic hummus

sausege rolls

It was a lovely Menù;
maybe can give you some ideas for your parties as well!



  1. Ciao!
    ho letto i tuoi commentini! grazie ;)!
    anche la tavola che hai imbandito tu sembra proprio bella! (buona la pizza!!!) e la torta è un vero capolavoro!
    Sì, adesso vivo in Italia! l'ultima volta che ho visitato i miei amici a Coventry è stato nel 2005. Ci ritroviamo spesso a sciare in Francia, per quello! :) Sono molto affezzionata all'Inghilterra .. dovrei visitare più spesso!
    A te manca l'Italia?
    a presto

  2. Wow, this birthday cake really is amazing! What work this must have been. Can one eat the decoration?
    I love your little blue fish in the most recent post. It looks exactly like one I had as a child. His name was Moritz and I was sure he could understand what I told him to do ;-)

  3. The painting of the stepping stones is lovely.


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