28 August 2008

Shop News

Hi guys!

Just a short note today to let your know about the things that are going on at The Card Tree.

1st: You can already book in your Christmas personalized presents for your family & friends! If you want a personalized handmade present it is better to book it now as around Christmas time its all getting kind of crazy and very busy for me. I always feel very sad to turn down your commissions.

2nd: I put together two fantastic tutorials for you all.
Have a look at tell me what you think!

3rd: Very pleasent news: remember the Pilgrim Angry band that you all asked me about?
Well they have just published some of their songs on the internet!
Have a look and if you like post here your comments!

4th: You can now become a follower my blog! To do it, click on the icon "follow this blog" at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much!

I'm off into town to but some decoration for Jason's Birthday Dinner...
I was thinking at some paper colourful flags, napkings and things like this.
But last time I was looking for paper flags I noticed they only sell them in plastic here in the U.K. So I might end up making some myself with some tissue paper... in that case,
I will post a tutorial for you all!

Have a lovely lovely Thursday!



  1. Hello Giulia! I just cruised over to have a look at your blog and I love it! Would you mind if I added it to my public blogroll?

    Off to heart you on Etsy! ;)

  2. Hi Amanda!

    Thank you so much for your kind comment.
    Of course you can add me to your list, it would be pleasure!
    I'll be back to your blog and your shop they are both so lovely.
    Good luck with your sales and your projects...

  3. Ciao Giulia! Belli i tuoi nuovi post con tutte le foto!!!
    e anche i tutorials! Mi piace molto l'insegna THE CARD TREE fatta di bandierine! ;)
    Ben tornata e Happy Arts&Crafts!

  4. Wonderful tutorials! I am going to try the potato tut with my kids sometime this school year, I'm always looking for new art projects for art class.

    The Pilgrim Angry (link didn't quite work, needs http:// in the front otherwise blogger adds "blogger.com" then your link) has a very unique sound, at least to my USA ears!

    Very nice etsy shop! Your work is creative, and your eye for color is wonderful!

  5. i love your shop and ideas! the tutorials are very nice and i hope to do them in my classroom sometime!


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