31 August 2008

Party - Happy Birthday Jason

Hi Guys!

Yesterday we had Jason's Birthday tea...
was so nice beeing with all the family and having together such lovely food.

This is lucky boy fabulous birthday cake, home made by Jason's Mum. isn't stunning?!

It features the Stepping Stones at Box Hill (local beauty) in the winter (Jason's favorite season).
I made a painting of the Stepping Stones last year, and is now in the Juniper Hall's Dining Room.

The Menù also included:

Antipasto: olives ~ feta cheese ~ pickled onions ~ sundried tomatoes
tomato ~ basil & mozzarella
prawn sandwiches
ham sandwiches
homemade italian bread
heathy veggie with organic hummus

sausege rolls

It was a lovely Menù;
maybe can give you some ideas for your parties as well!


28 August 2008

Shop News

Hi guys!

Just a short note today to let your know about the things that are going on at The Card Tree.

1st: You can already book in your Christmas personalized presents for your family & friends! If you want a personalized handmade present it is better to book it now as around Christmas time its all getting kind of crazy and very busy for me. I always feel very sad to turn down your commissions.

2nd: I put together two fantastic tutorials for you all.
Have a look at tell me what you think!

3rd: Very pleasent news: remember the Pilgrim Angry band that you all asked me about?
Well they have just published some of their songs on the internet!
Have a look and if you like post here your comments!

4th: You can now become a follower my blog! To do it, click on the icon "follow this blog" at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much!

I'm off into town to but some decoration for Jason's Birthday Dinner...
I was thinking at some paper colourful flags, napkings and things like this.
But last time I was looking for paper flags I noticed they only sell them in plastic here in the U.K. So I might end up making some myself with some tissue paper... in that case,
I will post a tutorial for you all!

Have a lovely lovely Thursday!


27 August 2008

Seaside Memories

These are some pictures I took in France.

A lovely gelly fish

A cute Octopus

And some fishy fish!

And of course, this is me!
Happy Wednesday everyone!

25 August 2008

I'm back!

Hello everybody!

I'm back!

Hope you are all well and had a really nice August.
Thank you so much for your e-mails and your comments on the blog.

We had such a lovely peaceful holiday, camping with a little tent all around Europe!

First we visited the South of France, which was incredibly busy and not as beautiful as everyone told me... in fact the buildings are right on the coast and they completely destroy the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.

But after a few days of research we have found a beautiful piece of coast, where the rocks and cliffs are so high that it was prevented from the total distruction of the human buildings.

Little beaches were accessible only on foot by really small paths, absolutely lovely.

After France we traveled across Italy and visit my family near Venice. We also visited the city of Lovran in Croatia, were my great grandmother and grandmother were born.

After that we made our way home though the alps, passing though Luxembourg, France and Belgium. In Belgium we also stopped in the nice town of Veurne were we have been last year during the Christmas holidays. It's a lovely little town, but i find it much nicer in the winter.

This summer Jason and I celebrated five beautiful years together.

Along with the holiday and a fancy dinner I also recived the fantastic soundtrack of Into the Wild by Eddie Vedder. It so amazing! Love it, love it, love it!!
Thank you sweety.

Being away for so long immersed in the nature inspired me for more artwork and ideas for
The Card Tree.

I'm so excited to start working again!!!

Take Care