09 July 2008

NEW Creation:The Big Shell Mirror

Hi Guys!
Hope you are all well!

Here there s a very miserable weather... very different from the warm Italy of two weeks ago...

But at least in this way, staying at home, I can get lots of work done!
Today I have completed the second mirror for the bathroom commission...

I painted shells at the bottom

Few of them have pearly shades

And at the edges there is a simple and elegant pearly decoration.
I love pearls and pearly colors!
I like it so much that I would like to keep it...!
But I can't, it's my donation for Juniper Hall Field Centre staff bathroom...
I'm sure they will enjoy it.



  1. Ciao Giuly!
    ho visto i tuoi commentini! che carini... grazie! vedo che anche a te piacciono le conchiglie.. lo specchio ti è venuto davvero bene. ;) e anche quelle decorazioni che avevi mostrato qualche post fa con conchiglie, nastrini azzurri e perline..!
    qui fa un gran caldo, spero che stasera venga un temporale così si rinfresca un pochino- British weather è sempre un pò così... rainy...foggy....sunny...rainy... ma ha un suo fascino :)

  2. It is hard to let go of some pieces. Take pictures to make a "brother or sister" of the art . . . a watercolor teacher said giving (or selling) your work makes room for more . . .I love to see the italian language on your comments. Ciao!


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