21 July 2008

Do It Yoursef Tutorial: Potato Stamp

Hello my lovelies!
I have put together another great tutorial for you all.

Tutorial: How to make pretty little green Potato Prints*

*PLEASE NOTE: this project is meant for adults. Children need to be supervised when doing this art project.

1. With a sharp plane knife cut a potato in half
(if you are a little one ask mummy or daddy for help!)

2. With a felted pen draw on your half potato the shape of what you wish to stamp/print.
You can do: flowers, letters, hearts, pretty much anything.
The secret it: KEEP IT SIMPLE!
you can enreach the print afterwords details using a black felted pen.

3. Carefully cut out the shape of your drawing, and the details on the inside where you don't whant to colour to go. For this you can use a little knife or a paper cutter
(again, if your little, you've gotta ask help from your parents!)

4. Choose your acrilic colour to use and the support where you want to print your beautiful potato stamp!

Use the Potato Stamp on Boxes,


or brown Paper Bags.
You can use these as Party Bags or Shop Bags like me!


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  1. it's great, thank you so much for sharing!


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