04 July 2008

Back To Work!

Happy Friday Everyone!
So nice to back in my studio...!

I have plently to do here and couldn't wait to start on it...
I have a big shop to update coming up in July, Butterfly Festival on the 19th-20th July, Bathoroom commission to complete, personalized stationary for a client in the US and an illustration for an italian paper!

Was greatfull about my sales during my holiday. The few lucky who have ordered during my vacation have also recived a gift from Italy...!

Hope you will like it! Don't want to say what it is to spoil the surprise... but I shall post few pictures in a week or so...

A week or so later...


I waited until the orders arrived to destination to reval what was the included extra!

I bought these blue and white, unbleached cotton, handmade sachets from the fairtrade shop.

Then fill them with organic lavander from my mum's garden!

absolutely lovely!

Perfect eco-friendly scented sachets for your draws.

See what you gain when you buy while I'm away!
I've got some lovely ideas for the next presents from France...!
keep visiting...



  1. Hi Giulia!
    Gosh you are busy... but please could u make me a little painting when you have done all this things? :)

  2. Ciao Giulia!

    Your work is such a delight!

    (and thank you for your kind comment!)


  3. Hi Giulia,

    You are so talented! Not many people have talent like that. When I paint I get more on myself than on the paper. I really do!!! Keep up the beautiful work!


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