26 July 2008

On Vacation!

Hi Guys!
Hope you had a great saturday!

I'm still so excited about The Card Tree Art competition.
The children artwork was absolutly amazing!
And it was so hard to choose the winners.

I sent the certificates to the winners earlier and I'm sure that they will very happy when they see them!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I'm going away for a while.
Tomorrow morning we have the ferry to France at 6 am! How cool is that...

Definetly need some holiday after the Butterfly Festival.

The shop is still open and you can purchase my beautiful eco-friendly items, they will be posted on the 24th August 2008.

If you purchase an Item while I'm away, you'll also recive something extra...
(honestly, is worth it! Have a look at the included extra that I sent last time!!!)

Remember that all the products are absolutly unique and I only have one in stock of each!!!

Lots of love to you all,
wish you a very happy week end and a beautiful sunny summer!


The Card Tree Art Competition: WINNERS

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Here the WINNERS of The Card Tree Competition.

- 1st GROUP 1: 0-3 years old

(Katy Mcgrath, 3 years old)

- 2nd GROUP: 4-6 years old

(Evie Parnham, 5 1/2 years old)

- 3rd Group: 7-9 years old(Holly Spencer, 8 years old)

- 4th Group: 10-13 years old

(Pete Eve, 11 years old)

Thank you everyone for participating.

The Winners will recive a Certificate as reward for their beautiful artwork!!!
How beautiful is that!

I'm so proud of The Card Tree...


The Card Tree Art Competition

Good Morning Everyone!

I would like to share with you all of the beautiful pictures of The Card Tree Competition.

Thank you all children for your effort and you creativity.

Thank you also to all the adults who took part to the competition, just for fun...

Be sure to check the NEW post that will reveal the winners!!!

The Card Tree


22 July 2008

Summer Sale

Hi Guys!
I'm so excited as I'm having my first Summer Sale
at The Card Tree store!

It's gorgeous... Lots of lovely handmade creations!
Come and visit!

Take Care


21 July 2008

Butterfly Festival

Hello my lovelies!

The Butterfly Festival has been for me a great success and I'm really proud of The Card Tree.
I had the opportunity to meet some very lovely people and show to the world what I have been doing for the last year in my bedroom-studio!
As I said before... it all started with an idea and a painting... (remember this?)

And now here I am.

Lots of lovely artistic products, eco-friendly packaging, and the first event of The Card Tree shop!

And now before I wonder on and talk about all this whole experience went, I wanna talk a bit about the lovely people who supported me in this experience.

A very special Thank you goes to my boyfriend Jason, who has always helped me out with decision making, moral support, great ideas and more.

Thanks to Mum and Dad for your lovely thoughts and ideas.
Thanks to Grandma for all your prays.
Thanks to Jackie & Bryn for all your support.

Thanks so much to all the lovely people of Juniper Hall who supported and incoraged me during the festival.

Special thanks to Lyn, Marie and Bill, Sue, Lucy, Caroline, Dan, Genna, Amy, Sasha and Maddy.

Thank you very much to the Juniper Hall FCS Manager Nick Lapthorn & the Buttefly Conservation Trust Event Manager, for this opportunity of having my stall at this very important event.

Thanks to each of you who as stopped by my stall and bought something. You have just helped me to make my dream come true!

Finally thanks to all the Children who have entered the Art Competition!
Your works are extraordinary beautiful and it will be for me a very tough decision making.

Here a few pictures of the event!

To see more you can visit and join The Card Tree Facebook Support Group* and the related events.
Feel free to leave comments, I would be Honored to see what you think about this whole adventure.

Thank you!

(*if you want to be invited to be a part of the group don't hesitate to contact me, you can leave me a message here in the blog.)

Do It Yoursef Tutorial: Potato Stamp

Hello my lovelies!
I have put together another great tutorial for you all.

Tutorial: How to make pretty little green Potato Prints*

*PLEASE NOTE: this project is meant for adults. Children need to be supervised when doing this art project.

1. With a sharp plane knife cut a potato in half
(if you are a little one ask mummy or daddy for help!)

2. With a felted pen draw on your half potato the shape of what you wish to stamp/print.
You can do: flowers, letters, hearts, pretty much anything.
The secret it: KEEP IT SIMPLE!
you can enreach the print afterwords details using a black felted pen.

3. Carefully cut out the shape of your drawing, and the details on the inside where you don't whant to colour to go. For this you can use a little knife or a paper cutter
(again, if your little, you've gotta ask help from your parents!)

4. Choose your acrilic colour to use and the support where you want to print your beautiful potato stamp!

Use the Potato Stamp on Boxes,


or brown Paper Bags.
You can use these as Party Bags or Shop Bags like me!


Do It Yourself Tutorial: Paper Ornament

How to make a pretty green Paper Ornament:

It's very simple to make and you can make it too very easly. Just need a little time.
You could even make it with material as well and I think it would look pretty cool!

1. Cut the paper you choose for your decoration in triangles.
If you like, you can write one letter each triangle to form some words...

2. Get a nice long ribbon/cord and sew the paper triangles together (a little distant from each other)

And here it is:


I even bought some bells to go on it and wodden ladybirds but didn't have the time to fix them on the decoration. I will do it for my next Card Tree event...!

Butterfly Festival Preparation II

Happy Monday Everybody!

I've been so busy with the Butterfly Festival preparation that I haven't had the chance to write and post any pictures yet!

I've been working on the display of my stall for a long time...

Found a beautiful white linen cloth to put on the tables,
then made a beautiful green paper ornament.

Also I prepared 2 fantastic tutorials for you all.

I hope you find the usefull,

have a lovely day!

12 July 2008

Butterfly Festival Preparation

Hi Guys!

This week it is a very busy one indeed...!

The Butterfly Festival is on its way!

Sat 19th and Sun 20th here in the grounds of the beautiful Juniper Hall The Card Tree will be meeting the Surrey public directly for the first time!

There will be avaible lots of Enviromental Friendly goods like writing sets, cards, mini bottles, fairtrade & organic cotton tote bags!


A totally FREE art contest for children!

To enter the competition...
Colour the page given to you at the Butterfly Festival using your creative talent.
Return it to The Card Tree before 25th July 2008.

The three winners of The Card Tree Competition will have their beautiful art published on The Artist Studio blog!!!
good luck to all of you!


09 July 2008

NEW Creation:The Big Shell Mirror

Hi Guys!
Hope you are all well!

Here there s a very miserable weather... very different from the warm Italy of two weeks ago...

But at least in this way, staying at home, I can get lots of work done!
Today I have completed the second mirror for the bathroom commission...

I painted shells at the bottom

Few of them have pearly shades

And at the edges there is a simple and elegant pearly decoration.
I love pearls and pearly colors!
I like it so much that I would like to keep it...!
But I can't, it's my donation for Juniper Hall Field Centre staff bathroom...
I'm sure they will enjoy it.


06 July 2008

Into the Wild

Hi Everyone,

Have you ever seen into the wild?
If you haven't you might want to skip this, as i might spoil your surprise. :)
I wached Into the Wild for the fisrt time a couple of months ago. I loved it. The direction, the actors and the music. I thought it was brillant.

After i saw it I could not sleep for days, I was sad and I didn't feel like eating...
The thing that really striked me it was the very last shoot. When you see Christopher's picture by the bus and you realize that it all happened for real.
It's so beautiful to see Chris at the end, wrapping himself and his sleeping bag and looking at the clouds, still bright, still full of life.

I had to watch it again, and I did, the other day, while I was painting and it got me thinking again... There are so many meanings behind the things that happen and the things that the charachers say.

Thoughout the all the film you are lead to think that Christpher, despite his young age, is the wise one, he knows something we all crave for... "Are you Jesus?" says the hippy guy.

And he is told not to do those thigs he wanted to do, to be carefull...

"This is a mistake, is a mistake to get too deep and that kind of stuff, Alex you are a hell of a young guy!" says Wayne.
"That book of yours is cool and everything, but you can't depend entirly on leaves and berries!" tells him Jan...

Like stars on his path Christpher meets people who try to indicate the way, in their own way...

And you think - Why are they saying those thing? Don't stop him, he has to go!

It's only with the last chapeter (rightly called the wise) when Alex meets Ron, you understand something that Alex has not yet seen. I especially like the very last shoot in the car, when they are talking to each other and Ron's got tears in his eyes. (What amazing actor Hal Holbrook is!)

I hold this film right into my heart, it gave me so much passion, for life itself!

A special thanks to Sean Penn, Emile Hirsch and Eddie Vedder.
Love you all!


04 July 2008

Back To Work!

Happy Friday Everyone!
So nice to back in my studio...!

I have plently to do here and couldn't wait to start on it...
I have a big shop to update coming up in July, Butterfly Festival on the 19th-20th July, Bathoroom commission to complete, personalized stationary for a client in the US and an illustration for an italian paper!

Was greatfull about my sales during my holiday. The few lucky who have ordered during my vacation have also recived a gift from Italy...!

Hope you will like it! Don't want to say what it is to spoil the surprise... but I shall post few pictures in a week or so...

A week or so later...


I waited until the orders arrived to destination to reval what was the included extra!

I bought these blue and white, unbleached cotton, handmade sachets from the fairtrade shop.

Then fill them with organic lavander from my mum's garden!

absolutely lovely!

Perfect eco-friendly scented sachets for your draws.

See what you gain when you buy while I'm away!
I've got some lovely ideas for the next presents from France...!
keep visiting...