26 June 2008

Perfect Shells ?

Hi Guys!

Hope you are all well...
Im great! Spending lovely time here at the seaside.
Is so nice to wake up early, have an italian breakfast (capuccino and brioche with cream - freshly baked) and then walk to the beach...

This morning it was just me and the Sea... I was waking in the beach stopping often to collect small irregular or faided coloured shells. And this got me thinking.

Of all of those shops who sell industrial shells, as I call them...
Perfect in their size, colour and shape, all from far-away ocens. SO CHEAP. And they are actually, just a Shell, with no meaning behind... no memories.

They remain in those perfect rounded baskets, plastic to hold them tight...

And then, after that, they lay in people's lounges and bathrooms, on Ikeas plates. At times mixed with pout pourry that smells of chemicals...


I'd rather pick mine - give them to my friends as presents, make scuptures, necklaces, key holders...

Leave your thoughts here...



  1. Oh, the thoughts. It's wild how people just dont leave any...yet I can hear the sound of mind breathing in and out.
    It says: Hello!


  2. Those pretty shells and light blue ribbons look very cute together!!

  3. You are so right Giulia, can't wait to see more of the things you create with shells. You are great...

  4. These are fab! I really get the meaning behind collecting shells from the beach rather than buying the what did you call it. uh. industrial shells. SO funny!

  5. Of course! This scultpure with the blue ribbon it was for my dear friend Rebecka from Sweden! So nice to think that this creation is now in the wall of her house, in another country!


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