22 June 2008

Handpainted Cards

Hi Guys!

Have a look at my handpainted super cool notecards!
This is a set of 5 one sided notecards made of recycled paper and has matching envelopes.

They have been individually painted with "Hello","Hi!!", "Love", "Yay!" along with some cute little drawing... quite singolar and unique!

Each of the notecard and envelopes also has a back side a detail of my personal "handmade" stamp.

They are packaged up with cellophane sleeve & sealer, both compostable, that you can easily biodegrade in your little backyard compost.

If you like them, you can find them here, and you can also add them to your favorites!

Tonight is on telly there is Italy and Spain, so, I must be off!
I'm not a huge football fan but I enjoy watching the international matches, especially if Italy is playing!



  1. Ciao!
    Grazie della visita (se così si dice ;) )
    Sono curiosa, come hai trovato il mio blog *Certain Creatures*? è bello sapere che anche tu sei italiana in Inghilterra. Abbiamo anche questo in comune oltre all'amore per l'arte, la fotografia e il crafting! ;)
    I tuoi set di letterpaper sono molto carini! Adoro la corrispondenza.. ha profumo d'altri tempi!
    Da quanto tempo vivi lì in Inghilterra?
    Feel free to visit whenever you wish!

  2. Anch'io ritornerò a visitare il tuo blog..
    .. e che belline quelle bottiglette con dentro il messaggio! idea originalissima!


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