04 June 2008

Dream Catcher

Hi Everyone!

Have a look to my latest creation...!

It took me absolutly ages to do it... but it has been totally worth it!
It's made out natural branches, rafia, feathers and shells...

I carefully stitched the rafia all inside the branch wreath, then added a beautiful shell in the middle.

This shell comes from Italy. I picked it on the beach of Punta Sabbioni, near Venice!

One of the feathers has got lovely shade of blue-green...

I think it looks nice by a window, as the wind can move it around and it's so nice to look at it!
It's already in the shop!


1 comment:

  1. This it's really beautiful!
    I've been looking for a handmade dream chatcher for my son's bedroom for ages!

    I think he will really like this one... I'm off to the shop now... :0) Love your work.

    All the best!

    * Ciprea


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