30 June 2008

Cd Cover for Pilgrim Angry Part II

Happy Monday Everyone!

Today want to share with yo some pictures about my cd cover project...

This is an acrylic on canvas - I used a very watery colour for the clouds - to create a deep contrast between the mass of matter, the physical world and the sky.

Then I tryed different type of font

It's amazing how the font alone can change the image itself!

The Band is currently working on their song for this album. I had the pleasure of listening some of the working in progress tracks of this New album and I think they are great!
I shall buy the cd myself when is published!



  1. Wonderful work!! I especially love the first one, with the font. That old typewriter look to the font seems to suit your artwork beautifully.

  2. You are right...each font alters the image. I think I like the last one best.

    Beautiful watercolour, by the way.

  3. Lots of impact in this cover. What kind of music do they make? Type does make all the difference. I used to hold the title of Typesetter at a print shop years ago. Back when we used an x-acto blade and wax for cut and paste. Wasn't that long ago, but it does make me feel old. =)

  4. They make experimental rock - the name of the group is also the title of the album, which is all like a big "Pilgrim Journey"...
    The Typesetter does sound very intriguing, and not old at all! :)
    Thank you for your visit


  5. Very nice work.

  6. Good. Yes, font makes the raw mean. I mean, you mean to tile up title
    frame it back
    fold and shape.

    Titles are something.
    Fonts is fond they're made of, no?


  7. Very true. because the layout very much focuses on the font. i'd like to hear them out before judging on the font tho.



  8. Thank you guys for all your feedback!
    Pilgrim Angry dosen't have anything publish yet, i think that their web site (www.pilgrimanry.com) is on his way.
    The singer and songwriter Mark Smith also works in another band, the Lost Origin.
    If you like to listen some of their songs, this is the link: http://www.lost-origin.com/

  9. grazie per le tue parole ,sei molto carina e mi piace molto la tua creativita .
    (i am open to sell prints )

  10. Giulia - hi, love the site. I'll defo stop by again to make a purchase. Thank you so much for talking about the project. :-)

  11. Thank you to Giulia for designing the soul of our name and giving the band a visual face. I look forward to working with her again.

    Pilgrim Angry www.myspace.com/pilgrimangry

  12. Hello guys!
    Pilgrim Angry are entring a competition and will need the support of all of you!
    This is link to VOTE for them:


    You'll need to sing up to vote but it will only take a couple of minutes!




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