03 June 2008

NEW: The Card Tree Stickers!

Hi my darlings.

Here were I was has been raining all day long... very depressing.

I really needed something to bright my day up... and here there is!

The New Card Tree Stickers!!!

What do you think?
I think they look gorgeous on the cards packaging and I'm so exicited!

I'm working on more packaging surprises which I'm looking foward telling you about...
I love packaging. I spend hours planning for packaging solutions!

When you buy something for The Card Tree, you are sure that the item is well packeged and well presented.
You also get a Certificate of Authenticity along with the item, which you should always keep, in case you are going to sell the item in a few years time.
Remember that the value of Art pieces is in costant growth!!!

The Packaging of my products are like the letters that I send.
My friends told me that they never throw away the envelopes,
they say that there is as much art there as in the letter itself!

That's why when I make cards myself I always put a little handmade detail at the back of each envelope.
This takes absolutly ages, but I love to do it and people appreciate that extra effort.


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