16 May 2008

Shells and bottles

H e l l o !
I love this. I've been asked to decorate the bathroom of my shared accomodation using my talent for painting and love for sea creatures and shells. So today I'm working on this new exciting project. The idea is to decorate mirrows and possibly walls of the bathroom with a sea themed ornament. So I gathered all my shells on my desk and I sketched a few ideas...

I've decided to paint some shells on the walls, just on top of the shelves, so they look like they are actually there... and I'm gona decorate the two mirrows with shells as well.

Here a couple of sketches for you to look at.

I really love Message in a bottle as well. I'm working on a few Message in a Bottle project for my shop. I'll keep you posted on this. Love, Giulia

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